On today’s playoff edition of “The Fix,” Skeets and Tas discuss Game 1 of the 2012 NBA Finals. Angles discussed include: Kevin Durant’s 17-point fourth quarter, why LeBron didn’t guard him late, Erik Spoelstra’s short bench, Russell Westbrook’s second half energy, Nick Collison over Kendrick Perkins, Miami ball movement, what the hell is wrong with Wade’s knee, whether Chris Bosh will start Game 2, and Thabo’s D.

All that, plus JVG’s 18-year-old cat, Wanda Pratt, Jessica Sanchez, and Zen shots.

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Comments (11)

  1. Help me understand this. Don’t get too hot. Don’t get too low?

    Hot is to low as hungry is to _______.
    a) fat
    b) phat
    c) sleepy
    d) bored
    e) low

  2. i think Bynum told Lebron the secret to the Zen mode

  3. sick of everyone playing the health card on Wade. if there was any legitimate question with his health, after this shitty playoff run, he wouldn’t be on the court. he also wouldn’t have random 30+ games the night after everyone claims he’s in bad shape. this all started as his stupid copout and has somehow turned into everyone else’s stupid copout for him. no one needs to make excuses for him. he’s overrated. let’s just be honest.

  4. Finally, some Russell Westbrook love. This dude has to be the second-most-bagged on player in this series, behind LeBron James, and wrongfully so. The dude’s the reason OKC is here, but I’m just saying that b/c he came out of UCLA.

  5. that’s a clown question bro

  6. Who does the game ball go to?


  7. Skeets just caught himself before saying “Sefalosha, hes a big guy for his size”.

  8. Tasty show as usual.

  9. @Dallas – I say sleepy

  10. Since when is boxing ou Perkins not exausting

  11. I thought Collison played a really important role in this game. The guy tapped out so many second chance balls and really clogged the lane. Sephalosha played incredible D all game long and Durant closed it out like a superstar. If Thabo ever gets an outside jumper, he’ll be a monster. Wade looks out of sync…like his head’s not really in the game. As if he’s got a ring already and enough money to enjoy not playing. Maybe he’d rather be making commercials with Barkley? Bosh is playing really well.

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