LeBron on Westbrook saying he started fashion trend with fake glasses: “No, that’s not right. There’s no story behind it. It’s a look. It’s a fashion thing. He absolutely didn’t start it. I don’t know who started it.” LeBron said he’s been wearing glasses without lenses about two years.

This is hilarious. Not only is it absolutely bonkers that LeBron James and Russell Westbrook are still being asked about wearing lensless glasses, now LeBron is making sure everyone knows that he was definitely wearing lensless glasses while also being careful to not be the one who started it. There might not be anything on Earth that is worse to brag about.

Of course, now we are back to where we started, not knowing which genius was the first to wear totally useless spectacles. This may be the great mystery of our generation and we can only hope someone finally gets to the bottom of it.

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  1. When thick square glasses became cool everyone thought I was a big idiot for getting lasik surgery, but who’s laughing now? Thanks LeBron

  2. i had a friend who wore glasses with no lenses to a breakfast in 2006. i’d like to nominate him as “the creator.”

  3. ‘….now we are back to wear we started…’ I see what you did there.

    • That was intentional? Well played, Trey.

      I was thrown off by the word “lenless” a couple sentences previous to that and just assumed he was drunk-blogging…

  4. Lebron’s headband is growing wider and wider and soon he’ll be the first player in history to wear a winter ski cap during NBA games. Now that’s true innovation.

  5. A funny side on LeBron James and he’s been doing it for more than 2 years. It is weird though it is his style. Anyways, hope that the Miami will tie the series in Game 2. Find out more NBA News at There are lots of updates about NBA News for you to read.

  6. wow.. that is what he is worried about during the nba finals?

    how about winning and stuff?

  7. Girls in Japan have been wearing these for years. Not that that makes them (double meaning) cool or anything, just sayin’…

  8. Conspicuous consumption.

  9. Leon from Curb Your Enthusiasm started the trend

  10. The no lens glasses look has been a mainstay in Asia for a few years now. In Shanghai, I see about 50 young (mainly) girls wearing them every day. It became mainstream poplular here way before I noticed it state side.

  11. My glasses broke in 4th grade and both lenses fell out.

    I didn’t want mom and dad to know that I broke them, so I just kept wearing them, hoping, hoping, mom and dad would not notice.

    But, they did.

    I was busted.

    It was 1972.

    So, i started the trend, not this poseur, Lebron.

    It was me.

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