Ballin: Kevin Durant, who is awesome, went for 36 points on 12-20 shooting in his first ever NBA Finals game, trailing only Allen Iverson (48) for most points in a Finals debut. Nice little stat to have under your belt.

Not so much: Just 19 points on 7-19 shooting for Dwyane Wade. Just 4-11 in the second half, which is pretty much the opposite of what we’ve come to expect from Wade in the second half of playoff games.

Huge: This was a big dunk that felt even bigger when it happened.

Maybe it’s because of the extra short haircut, but Durant felt super dialed in last night. This dunk, where he seemed to be way too far from the basket to make such an attempt work, was one that told everyone the Thunder weren’t just going to roll over when the Heat got up big early.

Chill, man: Everyone thought it was great when Chris Bosh went 3-4 from three in Game 7 against the Celtics, including Chris Bosh. That’s probably why he shot another three threes, despite the fact he missed the second one so badly. He’s shot at least three long balls six times since he joined the Heat, with two coming in the last week, so let’s hope this doesn’t become a trend.

And the foul: The continuation on this LeBron James dunk was hilarious.

Few things kill a crowd faster than a dunk plus a foul call. When you add in the second-and-a-half between foul and the dunk being made, it’s extra devastating. Kind of makes the Thunder’s rally even more impressive.

Tracking: Totally pointless, since basketball isn’t just about scoring, but it could be fun to keep tally of Kevin Durant’s and LeBron James’ fourth quarter points, just to see how things end up. So far, 17-7 advantage for Durant.

Insult to injury: The guy who infamously had his face eaten by another fellow on bath salts uttered his first words since the incident this week — “Go Heat.” Of course, the Heat followed that up by blowing a 13-point lead in the NBA Finals, which means this stretch of two weeks is getting worse and worse for this guy.

Scrambies: Plays like this are how you win championships.

A bad miss from Serge Ibaka turned in to a big two points for the Thunder, just because Kendrick Perkins hustled and then Thabo Sefolosha hustled and then Thabo made a nice play to get Russell Westbrook an easy layup. Turning nothing in to something in games like this one is huge. Big play.

Also important: Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook combined to score more points (41) than the entire Heat team (40) in the second half. That is also a pretty effective strategy.

Tale of two halves: Shane Battier in the first half — 5-6 for 13 points. Shane Battier in the second half — 1-3 for four points. The Heat can’t waste solid games from their reserves, especially when you see how easily the big numbers can disappear.

Other things: Such a bizarre double technical for Shane Battier and Russell Westbrook, but it actually seems like a fair call … Lil’ Wayne was in attendance last night, squashing the beef betwixt him and the Thunder. At least until late last night, when he started complaining again. He’s a Heat fan again, of course … Henry Abbott on how Durant scored all his points … Looks like Kobe Bryant might not be getting divorced after all … Really great James Harden beard face right here, which makes it unfortunate that he did next to nothing last night … I love you so much, Mocking Thunder Fan