When you are in a city that is playing for its first championship in any of the four major sports, you have to come correct for the championship round. And considering Oklahoma City painted a portion of an unused highway in Thunder colors, you can tell they were ready for their team to continue their quest for a title. That’s why you see things like a kid Carlos Boozering his face in honor of James Harden.

But it’s not just that one kid and his buds who were nuts for the Thunder last night. It’s basically everyone. Let’s have a peek.

If we’re being honest, these two are just “standard lunatic fans.” They are dressed semi-wacky, but they don’t take things to the level necessary to be featured on some kind of crazy fans reel. That’s why we’re starting with them, to establish a baseline.

This lady is wearing a tutu and custom sequined jersey that will either be a great memento or a horrible reminder of a team that fell short. That is a costly investment to make in something that could depress you in the near future, not to mention it’s probably very hard to sit on all that tulle.

You’re going to see a lot of fake beards in this post, but these are probably the strongest. They look like black Santa hats without the trim. Needless to say, great look.

This dog is quite obviously two things: 1) a Thunder fan and 2) a boy. Really hope this pup is scared of storms, because irony is my favorite.

If these two are you grandparents, then you have a great life. Also, both of them look more natural wearing that shirt and those glasses than Russell Westbrook did. Easily.

I really hope this guy shared his beard. Better yet, I hope he didn’t and there was a big confrontation about it.

“Dad, can I wear your beard?”

“No, this is my beard.”

“But I want to wear it.”

“So do I. Get a job.”

Something like that would be delightful.

What superhero is this guy supposed to be? Thunderman? Seems logical, if only because “Combination of Captain America, Green Man from ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ and Old Golden State Warriors Mascot Man” isn’t very catchy.

This is literally the worst fake beard I’ve ever seen in my life, including whatever Spencer Pratt had on his face that one time.

The sign game seemed to be on point for the Thunder fans last night too. The one on the right is a pretty straightforward diss, which is always appreciated (though the random cup on the left is very strange). But the one on the left is a big winner. Gentle weather humor always kills.

Come on kids, put on your beards. You are way too old to need bibs.

Assuming these two are a couple, do you think they are a Durant couple or a Harden couple? Double beards and a Harden sign suggest they pull hardest for No. 13, but the inclusion of a Durant sign at all makes me think they are KD fans who just like the look of James Harden. I suppose they could be equally huge fans of both, but that just sounds crazy.

Really like this guy’s approach to Thunder fandom. He already had the afro, so why not just make up a character called “Afro Thunder?” Sure it doesn’t make a lick of sense, but it’s pretty unique. Smart move.

And finally, here is a dad in a fake beard carrying his child who has their hair colored Thunder blue. I like this family and hope they are somehow related to the Russell Westbrook grandparents up top.

As you can see, strong effort from the Oklahoma City faithful last night. I’m not sure where they go from here, but I think it’d be huge if some fan covered their entire body in black hair for Game 2 and went as James Harden’s beard. Outside of that, here’s hoping we see more of the same.

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  1. The chick with the “You may have the MVP” sign is pretty damn hot. I’d do her..

    • I’ll put in a good word for you, Stud Kick-Ass.

    • yea bro were totally throwing a kegger on fri you should come. the babes are gonna be delish’ totally bangable like the bruney up top there. chad and tad are bringing the smokes pbr and natty ice, and kevins got a bro at Uni with a hook up on mollys. pi kappa alpha All Day bro

      *bro fist*

    • Personally, I’d be thankful if the spritely-for-her-age woman in the Russel Westbrook attire would be willing to do some heavy petting.

    • I did notice a lot of attractive women in the crowd shots. OKC seems to have some attractive young ladies.

      The girl with the MVP sign is okay… But I seem to remember seeing a girl over Scott Brooks’ shoulder a couple times that made me say “damn!” out loud.

    • With a name like that, how can you go wrong?

  2. seriously good call on the guy with the whack fake beard. Its looks like he used a loofah.

  3. I wish the Westbrook shirt couple were my grandparents.

    I’d be perfectly fine with being less cool than my grandparents.

  4. Afro Thunder was a character from Ready 2 Rumble Boxing ya dafty.

  5. To Add to what Christian A. was saying, here is more info on Afro Thunder than you ever cared to have: http://www.giantbomb.com/afro-thunder/94-39/

  6. I think the random cup on the MVP sign was an attempt to cover up a mistake. They may have done the base like an ‘I’ before realising they needed a ‘T’.

  7. I was more bothered by the question mark. Does she not actually know if Lebron won MVP?

  8. Like the above then you should checkout Thunder Stormtrooper on Facebook.

  9. Great photos with fake beard. The white dog looks so cute with the blue colored word “THUNDER” written on it. It seems that Spencer Pratt has not placed his fake beard properly. May be beard does not have good stickiness. The photos shows huge group of thunder fans.

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