This isn’t quite “Lonely Mavericks Fan” levels of hilarity, but this slow and steady zoom in to the distraught faces of Alonzo Mourning and Pat Riley as they watch their Miami Heat blow a big lead was amazing. If only this mocking Thunder fan had been included in this shot. Then we’d be talking a new crowd shot champion.

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  1. Somebody is going to get whacked.

    • Chuck Hayes last night:

      chuck hayes ‏@c_hayes44

      “Riley and Zo look like hitmen sitting in the stands around all those thunder fans”

  2. I saw that shot last night. It looks like it was shot for “Wall Street 3: Takin our Talents to South Beach”. Too awesome! This Knicks fan loves it!

  3. That’s good but it’s no sad Mitch Kupchak from earlier this year. That was easily the best struggle face of the playoffs.

  4. You completely forgot about lonely Knicks fan!

  5. Who is the woman in white next to Riley? Looks like they quietly exchange words, then she calls a play by holding up one finger. Is she sending signals to the Heat bench? CAN THIS BE INVESTIGATED PLEASE?

  6. Coincidentally, this is also the only 17 second stretch of last night’s game where Van Gundy wasn’t talking about things from the Heat’s pov.

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