NBA TV’s “The Dream Team” documentary is a must-watch for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is the treasure trove of archival footage these people have been sitting on for 20 years. It’s things like this clip — John Stockton walking through the crowded streets of Barcelona, talking to Americans who have no idea who he is, like some sort of proto-”Punk’d” — that make the film so much fun. If it had been just game footage of Team USA blowing out every team by 40, that might get boring.

But between little scenes like this, seeing young Chris Webber dominate a bunch of future Hall of Famers, some footage from the legendary Monaco practices and a hundred other things, you have to see it. As NBA TV is a cable channel, it’ll be replayed roughly 1,000 times, so make sure to catch one of them. After all, where else will you see one of the best players ever go completely unrecognized by people who are wearing his face on their shirts.

(via Jose3030)

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  1. The most surprising part of this whole thing (to me at least) was the fact that Stockton seems to be a pretty funny guy. I was laughing throughout this entire scene.

    • I had the same exact thought. Who would have ever thought that John Stockton had a sense of humor? A 5 minute segment in the Dream Team documentary made Stockton more likable than a 20 year career had for me.

      • thats the problem with all you people, you think the outspoken ones are the funny ones, but they just say dumb stuff like barkeley ,shaq, garnett. Players like stockton, duncan, are hilarious, they just wont do it for the media, like they are puppets

  2. It can be played 1000 times or 10000 times it doesn’t change the fact that international league pass does NOT include NBA tv.

    I was already pissed all year missing some shows but now I’m just disgusted. Why such discrimination ? Same goes with the Apple TV, in Europe you can’t have NBA tv on it, why ?

    Anyone willing to record and share ?

  3. The Music is soo bad on this piece… cmoon… make it funny!!!!

  4. this clip is real old , like 3 years

  5. Yeah, I saw Stockton’s footage of this on sometime last year. Still, pretty darn hilarious.

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