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On today’s show, The Jones break down the exciting Heat-Thunder Finals: Who’s winning the battle of the two superstars? Is Westbrook shooting too much? Should Coach Brooks change his starting lineup? We also reveal our favorite moments from “The Dream Team” doc, analyze the Stern-Rome debacle, and wonder if the Celtics should blow it up.

All that plus, Gerald Wallace opts out, cats, GM Charles Barkley, paper beards, tzatziki, pun-gun fun, and a head-scratching “Tweet of the Weak.”

So give your eyes a rest, and embrace this audio explosion.


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  1. How about floppers have to shave one eyebrow?

  2. Another reason to love these finals? We get to hear Leigh’s pronunciation of ‘Oklahomer’.

  3. Get me that moussaka!

    • Tas ένα ταψί μουσακά can easily give u the grin face for a week. I exactly know what ur talkin about, my mom made me one 2 weeks ago before she left. I was eating for 5 days!

      some pun-gun for J.E. on Stan’s cat:
      Kelvin Cat-OH!
      Kitty Vandeweghe

  4. You can never go wrong with a Mighty Ducks 2 reference

  5. About the Isiah Thomas thing:

    Originally, they selected 10 players in 1991. Clyde Drexler wasn’t even on the team yet. They made a big deal about Clyde, Dominique Wilkins, who was a huge star at the time, and obviously Thomas not being on the team. Then when Stockton got hurt, they added Clyde as the 11th player.

    Stockton, remember this is before he became the all time assist leader, and was still second fiddle to Karl Malone, was the main guy they said shouldn’t be on the team. Point guards in that era were #1 Magic, #2 Thomas, and then everybody else. So Stockton getting on the team over Thomas was considered the biggest oversight at the time. Laettner wasn’t on the team yet.

    There was a game between Jazz and Pistons, and Isiah went off on Stockton, scoring something like 40 points and embarrassing him for making the Dream Team over himself. The next time the Jazz and Pistons played that season, Malone got “revenge” by hitting Thomas with a hard elbow that busted him open.

    And obviously Jordan and Pippen had their issues with Thomas, from the 85 All-Star game freeze-out, to the Pistons’ hard/dirty play, to them walking off before the game ended in the 1991 Conference Finals. So with them along with Stockton and Malone being on the team, Thomas was left off in favor of team chemistry.

    And Magic and Isiah were supposed to be best friends. But when Magic found out he had HIV, a rumor started that he was gay. Magic felt like it was Thomas who started the rumor, and therefore didn’t try to get his “friend” on the team.

    They finally decided on Christian Laettner as the final guy. They wanted to put a college player on the team to shut the college comity guys up, since they were complaining about pro players being in the Olympics. And everyone knew Shaq and Alonzo would be selected before Laettner in the NBA Draft, no matter what team won the Draft Lottery. But they went with him for marketing reasons (he was white)

    And you guys were talking about Chuck Daly’s relationship with Thomas. This did effect their relationship. If you remember, not long after the Dream Team, Daly left the Pistons to go coach the Nets.

    I recommend you all go read the book “The Golden Boys”

    It’s only $7.44 used on Amazon, totally worth it, it’s seriously the best book on basketball that you’ll ever read.

  6. Tas, in the 08-09 playoffs, LeBron’s PER was a ridiculous 37.4. Of course he didn’t make the Finals, but that’s the highest playoff PER I’ve seen.

  7. Finals performance I watch over and over? Flu Game. ALL OF THE DRAMA.

    Or Game 5 of 2004 Finals, where the broadcast crew (including Doc!) spent the whole fourth quarter lauding the idea of team ball.

  8. Nice Belgium beer shoutout Leigh! Try Leffe blond though if you ever find it, or better yet Duvel, those are some real Belgian beers ;)

    • Orval. Maredsous Blonde. Achtel Trappiste. Trappiste Rochefort 8. St. Bernardus Abt. ETC.

      Big ups on the Belgium shout, Leigh!

    • Leffe blonde ftw!

      Also, tas really always shifts into some next gear come rounders time. It’s amazing. The music does its part too. I literally couldn’t stop laughing.

  9. So I learned two things from game two. 1. Durant is the best player in the series and by extension the league. (This realization came as a huge relief as I more or less hate Lebron) and 2. OKC will win the series. (Miami can’t beat them but the refs could. The only way Miami has a chance is if the refs go completely bonkers and send Miami to the line at a rate that would make even David Stern blush)

    I loved the Dream Team Doc Talk, and agree that a speedy point guard ala Rose would be a problem for the ’92 dream team but I think ’92 team would give the ’12 team way more problems defensively.

    The Ewing/Robinson tandem would annihilate the ’12 centers even if Howard was healthy. And who would guard Malone and Barkley? Blake Griffin? Kevin Love? Lebron has the size and defensive ability to do a good job for a while but this year we’ve seen him get worn out guarding lesser pfs than Malone and Barkley and it’d only be a matter of time. And I think we forget that in ’92 Barkley was almost unstoppable. If Lebron guards Malone/Barkley he isn’t guarding MJ or Magic. Oh, and the player has yet to be born that could stop ’92 Jordan. So, yeah good luck with that Lebron/Kobe/Whoever.

    On defense I think MJ or Scottie would have some success slowing down Rose. (Lets play this game pre Rose acl and pre Howard Back(stabbing)) Durant is the only player I think they’d really struggle to guard, but no one in 2012 can really stop him either so its not like they’re alone in this. So maybe Durant goes for 40+ one game. Outside of that I’m afraid it would be a bit of a horror show for the ’12 team.

  10. On Laettner being in the Hall of Fame, I’m pretty sure he’s in the Hall of Fame because of his college success. Remember that basketball is dumb and puts the NBA, WNBA, college, and international players all together

  11. If Pop can figure out how to play with Steven Jackson, I feel like Doc Rivers could figure out how to fit Jamal Crawford in. I agree with Leigh, Garnett was gassed the last two games. I know he played really well and I don’t want to take anything away from that, but I just like to point out that KG was playing against returning Aldridge, Elton Brand, and Heat’s front line minus Bosh

    I’m Interested to hear what everyone would pick as modern day dream team? Any 11 players & one college kid.

    I like the shame idea a lot but I don’t know quite how to approach it, maybe old school John Stockton shorts & small jersey both in pink?

    When Shane Battier makes a play on the floor what do they call him? Shane Satty- play.

    What would Shane call his protein supplement? Shane Battty-whey.

    What would Shane change his name to if he became a drug baron like Tony Montana? Shane Batty-yayo.

    • The problem with Jackson is his abrasive manner off the court – a problem with which an alpha male such as Pop is more than equipped to deal – rather than incapacitating a team with his play. If nothing else the playoffs gave us proof Capt Jax is still a serviceable NBAer. Crawford is the opposite – nice guy off (as far as I can tell) but potentially crippling on the court. This makes the two teams’ scenarios incomparable.

      • They are both selfish shot jackers that are streaky/lack focus.They both kill a team from the inside out with bad attidues & decisions.Both “me first” guys but have so much raw talent. I see a lot of similariteis, not the identical situation your right but about as close as it can get..

  12. Oh pleeease… way to join the hordes falling over each other to be offended, guys, while mangling the opportunity to commend Stern’s wife-beating question as absolutely brilliant. Even Rome acknowledged its effectiveness as a “rhetorical device”. The subject of wife-beating is obviously a sensitive one… that’s EXACTLY why its application by the Commish was effective to the point of ingenious. It’s cretinism to fail to understand this, overlooking it to condemn – even as faint-heartedly as you do – the mere mention of the topic. Wife-beating is a sensitive issue… no shit! Way to dumb down the conversation.

    Otherwise: keep up the good work. I listen/watch every day. Just thought you needed calling out on this one.

    • ok so… “its application by the Commish was effective to the point of ingenious”, but at the same time “It’s cretinism to fail to understand this”. so what now? by that second sentence you effectively acknowledge that it doesn’t take a genius to understand it – on the contrary, according to you anyone with an average IQ should be able to get it, even though it’s supposedly an “ingenious” move, which significantly lowers the standard of making and / or understanding ingenious moves I guess. but even if you argue that it doesn’t need a genius to understand an ingenious move, you still accuse the BJ guys of cretinism and along the way imply that you are right and that david stern is a genius, without actually supporting your argument beyond the point of just claiming (circular) stuff: Stern touches a touchy subject and that’s why it’s effective. yeah wow that’s not really an argument, that’s just a sentence.

      otherwise keep up the good work, I just thought you needed calling out on this one.

  13. Chuck should bring back Iverson to the 76ers. After all he is the GOAT, according to him!

  14. Chuck shold bring Iverson back to the 76ers. After all he is the GOAT, according to him!

  15. Whoa! What the hell Leigh Ellis – unnecessary Adelaide bashing. I know that other states are jealous because we weren’t settled by convicts but there’s no need for that!

    Also, Thomas not being on the Dream Team is, I think, less of a snub than people seem to think it is. Stockton was named to an All-NBA Team every year from 88 through 92. Isiah wasn’t named to a single one in that time span. Thomas may have been a better player at his peak than Stockton, but in 1992 Stockton deserved to make it ahead of him.
    As for Christian Laettner – who cares who the 12th guy is? They could’ve named Trey Kerby in that spot and it would’ve made no difference whatsoever. Except for more camouflage, obviously.

  16. What was Shane Battier’s favorite game in pre-school?

    Shane Patty-Cake.

  17. Miami wins because they have better role players – “The Star Behind the Curtains: Shane Battier”

  18. Whats Shane’s favorite shot….. Shane Bat”trey”

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