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  1. Hey guys, longtime listener and big fan.

    A couple of responses to items recently mentioned on the show:

    Regarding flopping, it seems like reviewing games after the fact and retroactively assessing technical fouls (which wouldn’t bring any free throws, but which would count toward the player’s foul count the following game as well as his technical foul count for the season) and perhaps fines as well would be a fairly simple solution to the problem. Sure, there is some ambiguity involves in determining what constitutes a flop, but the same is true for almost every call made in basketball, whether during the game or after. Isn’t it important that the NBA head this problem off early? I think Tas is right that soccer loses a lot of fans, at least in the U.S., due the chronic flopping. U.S. citizens regard themselves as tough–and that’s how they want their sports too.

    The second item relates to Tony Parker. First he allegedly broke up Brent Barry’s marriage. Now it turns out he is personal friends with the convicted (and thorough) spousal abuser Chris Brown. How can Tony be so sweet on the court and so bad off of it? Does he have a soul? Do his teammates care?

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