Look, sometimes there’s no need to overcomplicate things. If there’s a Czech player who plays basketball for a team called the Wizards, then a Czech magazine should put him on the cover wearing a wizard hat and holding a basketball scepter.

Don’t think too hard about high-falutin’ concepts and fancy photoshoots. Just put the guy on the cover, photoshop in a hat and a scepter, then make it glow. Easy.

(via DC Sports Bog)

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  1. That glowing basketball pimp cane is tits.

  2. I think jan vesly has more hype as a possible meme than nba prospect

  3. This reminds me of those late 80s, early 90s posters with guys like Karl Malone dressed up as a mailman; Xavier McDaniel dressed as a spy; or Greg Anderson dressed as a Cadillac.

    Ok, I invented that last one, but it should have happened.

  4. HA :D I am Czech and I find this kind of lame… cheezy photoshop :D but we love Jan here…

  5. Definitely agree with will. Worst case he’s a more athletic AK47 although probably with less minutes, but it’s the wizards. Best case we’re talking about an incredibly likeable darko.

  6. Yo’, that’s Harry Potter’s sorting hat.

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