Last night was only Chris Bosh’s fifth game back after suffering an abdominal strain, so it makes sense that he’d still be a little rusty. What doesn’t make sense, however, is why the first thing Chris Bosh lost was his ability to high five. Sure, his timing is off, but missing multiple high fives in a week is just ridiculous.

Plus, it wasn’t his only botched five in last night’s game.

Someone get this man a high five tutor please.

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  1. He needs to look at his co-fiver’s elbow. Works every time.

  2. Maybe Chris should just settle for video bombing the post game interviews. It’s his go to move.

  3. I gotta give it to him on the Wade one. Great transition to joy hug after the miss/face slap.

  4. It’s gotta be tough for Boshasaurus being a lefty and trying to hi-five all these guys with his bad hand.

  5. flagrant foul! this is really funny.

  6. maybe he have a strange blindspot…who knows?

  7. it’s definitely a lefty thing. i’m right handed and trying to high five with my bad hand is the worst. these videos strung together in a row is hilarious though

    • As a lefty, I can attest to this. I’ve since learned to practice being ambidextrous with my high fives, bro taps, and handshakes-leading-into-hugs.

  8. Funny to make fun of Bosh, but Turiaf set him up to fail with the low five and then switching to up high as Bosh is already going down low.

    Wade fails to give Bosh a steady target on that high five either. He brings it down as Bosh is going up high. It’s like the Heat players are making a conscious effort for Bosh to screw these up.

  9. Thanks for posting this TK, I was definitely thinking the same thing when I was watching last night.

    And Bosh is still expecting to hit 3ptrs with that kind of aim?

  10. That DWade debacle could have ended in tears, literally. He missed the eye gouge by less than a centimeter.

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