Joke’s on you, Kendrick Perkins. I’ve been drinking skim milk for years. Now what, tough guy?

OK geez, man. You don’t have to be so mad. I’ll buy some one percent milk, if that’s what you want. Relax. It’s just milk.

Whoa whoa whoa. Easy, man. There’s no reason to get in my face because I like skim milk. Just chill.

Come on, Perk. That’s not cool. That’s my favorite hat. I don’t see what covering it in one percent milk is going to do.

Fine. I’ll buy your stupid milk. Just give me my hat back. Geez.

(via Daily Thunder)

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  1. I actually prefer whole milk. So I guess I’ll just be staying the hell away from Kendrick Perkins then…

  2. The best part is it the end when he smiles Then quickly turned it back to his sour puss. He couldn’t stare me down cause I already drink 1 percent.

  3. Perk being scary serious is just like the panda milk commercials….

  4. Really! In my experience 1% milk is watered down.

    • Well, yeah. That’s kinda of the whole point. It replaces the fat.

    • Dude,

      Check compare the two labels. They both have the same amount of vitamins and minerals. Its the fat that changes the texture of the milk.

  5. Perk’s smile is way more terrifying than Perk’s scowl.

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