I honestly have no idea which of these Luol Dengs is the real Luol Deng in the picture that Luol Deng tweeted this morning. I kind of think it might be the one in the white jersey standing up in the middle of the picture, though I’m basically zero percent confident in that. In fact, I’m more confident in guessing that the Luol Deng with his arms out in the foreground is Ronnie Brewer than I am in determining which of these people is the true Luol Deng. This is the hardest game of “Where’s Luoldo?” ever.

(via Sam Anderson)

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  1. deng is black so you can remove all the white people from consideration.

  2. Both of them…?

  3. he is the black one

  4. Found him! He’s the one who isn’t Ron Harper.

  5. because all black people look alike ríííght

    funny … we haven’t heard that one before

  6. Watch out! Here comes racially sensitive guy!!

  7. I think the real Luol could be the guy in the first row who holds a piece of paper and isnt looking into the camera.

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