On today’s playoff edition of “The Fix,” Skeets and Tas discuss Game 3 of the 2012 NBA Finals. (Kurt) Angles discussed include: Kevin Durant’s questionable foul trouble, the Heat’s third quarter run, OKC’s sudden free throw woes, Bosh rolling to the rim, Harden’s brutal night, Erik Spoelstra’s “defense” on Russell Westbrook’s three-point attempt, Mike Miller, Thabo’s steal, and Serge Ibaka’s limited minutes.

All that, plus LeBron’s sweaty headband, Jon Barry, and purple pants.

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Comments (15)

  1. i think age and experience is an important factor, watching the game yesterday, okc just didn’t play their game and let the heat get in their heads a little bit. if the heat end up hoisting the trophy, the age/exp thing will probably become even more apparent

  2. Great seeing how pumped up you guys are after these finals games! My favorite Tas statement in the show, “It’s amazing how high these guys get”

  3. Thabo nickname suggestion: Swiss Miss

    Originally I thought it could refer positively to his defense, as in he makes people miss. But now I fear it could be used negatively in reference to his missed dunks.

    Tiny Hands works too.

  4. Could not stand that after the game, Shaq debating how he’s the third best center of all time if he has not missed the games that he missed.

    Also the fact that he rudely interrupts during a point others are making whenever a thought pops into his head.

  5. Is there a possibility that these playoffs are rigged? I mean the best free throw team in the league is becoming mediocre at best.

    • Unsure how that would work. Are you saying OKC is shaving points?

      Wouldn’t rigged indicate they were not shooting any FTs as opposed to shooting a fair number and missing a lot?

  6. Half your show was talking about questionable calls and the implications they led to. Says it all, doesn’t it?

  7. Lebron uses “Heatles on 3″ every time he’s in the huddle, it seems, at least for the pre-game huddles in the finals i’ve seen. Game 3 wasn’t the first time.

  8. I know that the mainstream media has followed Durant’s lead to claim that the officiating (game 2 or 3) didn’t decide the outcome of the game(s). But the officiating in game 3 (as in game 2) had a huge impact on the game. As the guys pointed out 2 of the 4 fouls that put KD on the bench were completely bogus and a third was iffy at best. Blame it on that notorious Super Villain David Stern, or the refs favouring Wade and LBJ over the younger star KD, or random chance/bad luck/ inept refts. Blame it on whatever. The fact is that KD is getting jobbed by the refs in this series.

    Durant’s dubious four fouls in game 3 had a way bigger effect than the game 2 no-call which, lets not kid ourselves, was a pretty big deal! KD and the Thunder were finally rolling and building on their lead when….

    If KD plays the rest of the 3rd quarter (and Brooks could have gambled even with a 4th foul) I think the Thunder win the game. Of course I don’t know this for certain but I do know that the Thunder are a lot better with Durant on the floor and I think that’s probably safe to say that Heat’s come-back and Durant’s time on the bench are related.

    And I’m sick to death of the calls Wade and Lebron draw and avoid. So sick of seeing Wade shoot free-throws off clean lay-ups when there’s no one within 3 feet of him! Sick of seeing Serge get whistled for a foul vs Lebron when he’s infraction was falling down when Lebron was holding his arm. I mean what the hell?! And seriously that offensive foul call vs KD was the absolute worst. If Durant isn’t allowed to swing the ball through/ jab step Wade can we please please please PLEASE get a offensive foul called on Lebron. Just one! He drives his massive fore-arm into his defender on virtually every drive. But yes by all means whistle 200 lb Durant for trying to swing to create space with a jab step/ball swing. C’mon refs!

    Also, if Brooks is good enough to make the necessary adjustments against the great Gregg Popivich in the WCF what on God’s Green Earth is he doing in the finals? He’s been out-coached by the perpetually over-matched Spoelstra!

    Brooks, you have the best shot blocker in the nba. Why on earth would you a) put him on the perimeter to half-heartedly guard the other teams best 3-point shooter and b) bench him when c) your team is getting eviscerated in the paint! Also, even Perkins doesn’t know who he’s meant to guard out there so why on earth is he starting and leading the OKC big men in minutes? And this is the man who turned down a 3 year 11 million contract?! Yikes.

    • Well said, I hope Skeets rewatched that James Harden “foul” because there was at least 3 times where Lebron pushed him off with his arm extended or elbow. I am sick of hearing about how much better defensively Lebron is than everybody else, Durant can get by Lebron almost any time he wants to and has shown that this series, the only way he’s better is ball denial and thats because he backs his ass into people over and over which would probably be a foul on anyone else.

      • Agreed! Also, I swear he gets away with holding/yanking on his check’s arm like nobody else in the league.

  9. Completely disagree Skeets, re: JVG feeling that most fouls shouldn’t be called. I think he’s been pretty right-on-the-money when it comes to distinguishing what and what isn’t a foul. Watching the first quarter of Game 4 now, and he’s agreed with every foul call made so far and has argued that there should’ve been a few more on some no-calls. Love JVG, so had to stick up for the lil’ guy.

    Also, if GP couldn’t continue his ghetto-fabulous schtick on NBA TV, there’s no way Shaq should be allowed to continue his tenor on TNT. C-Webb brought so much to an already flawless trio. Plus the guy’s just more likeable. Also, his laugh may be as uplifting as Magic’s – and he’d laugh a LOT, usually at the expense of his idol, Sir Charles.

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