Ballin: 29, 14 and 5 for LeBron James, who is on pace to become only the third player ever to average 30, 9 and 5 for an entire postseason. Funny thing is, he was also the second player to do it.

Not so much: James Harden went 2-10 for nine points yesterday, notching his second Finals game with just two shots made. That’s cool if you’re Kendrick Perkins, but not so much if you are your team’s third-leading scorer.

Strength: This little clip package tells you just about everything you need to know about LeBron James’ Game 3 performance.

As I’m sure you noticed, both of LeBron’s and-ones on Kevin Durant are included in there, and both of them were big-time momentum plays. Very weird to see Kevin Durant continually picking up tiny fouls like that. His back-to-back five foul games are just the third time all season that KD has gone consecutive games with at least four fouls.

Tracking: Fourth quarter scoring through three games — Kevin Durant has 37, LeBron James has 21.

Defense wins championships: The Miami Heat have built there team around defense. That starts with Erik Spoelstra and continues on down through the end of the bench guys.

The way things are going, before long we’re going to see team benches waving noodles and hiring big fat guys to paint their huge bellies in an effort to distract three-point shooters. I mean, when Russell Westbrook is legitimately being asked during a postgame press conference if Erik Spoelstra’s gesticulations distracted him, you know things have gone too far.

Right round baby, right round: Here’s your turning point in last night’s game — down by nine with 3:13 left in the third quarter, Shane Battier got fouled shooting a three and knocked down all three free throws. This was the start of a 13-2 run that eventually saw the Heat take a two-point lead in to the fourth quarter. The lesson, as always: don’t foul a jump shooter. Twice.

Bee tee dubs: Shane Battier is currently shooting 11-of-15 from three in the Finals, good for 73.3 percent. That’s almost the complete opposite of his three-point percentage during the regular season (33.9).

Peaking: Tiny Hands Thabo Sefolosha should have been pulled from the game and then immediately retired after this play.

Ripping Dwyane Wade after making him look silly while trying to bring the ball up, then kind of throwing down a reverse dunk over Wade while probably getting fouled might be the pinnacle of Tiny Hands’ career. Should have ended it on a high note, especially considering what happened later.

Beasting?: Chris Bosh had double-digit rebounds again last night, the second game in a row he’s done such, and just the third time all season he’s had consecutive games of 10 or more rebounds. Also, remember, he’s 6-foot-10.

Other things: It was very weird when Lynda Carter showed up to the postgame show. VERY WEIRD. Every single part … Rajon Rondo lives on … It is bananas that LeBron James’ hop-step is legal, but it so is … This Kevin Durant three in LeBron’s face was awesome … Could Luol Deng be on the move? Maybe … Of course Derek Fisher had a four-point play in the NBA FinalsSilly foul by James Harden, but also not very much of a foul

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  1. None of LeBron’s moments count as clutch. LeBron James moments will only count as clutch if he is blindfolded, has one hand tied to his leg and is being shot at by someone with a gun while playing in a 5 point game with less than 4 minutes to play.

    • …while that’s true (and would be fun to watch, well, kind of), I started to realize that this has basically become a fact: not even the heat seem to trust lebron’s / their own 4th quarter play in general. I was actually surprised that the heat managed to win game 3, I kind of half-expected them to screw something up late, no matter how well they play the rest of the game. or, to put it otherwise: no matter how great lebron is, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t find a whole lot of players, coaches etc who’d put him first on their “who’d you want the ball to go to”-wishlist, especially over durant.

  2. love Things of Note. keep it up fellas.

  3. Im not sure that Lebrons hop step was legal there. As I understand it, if you do that sort of move, both feet have to hit the ground at the same time on the landing. The slow-motion replay looked to me like his feet landed at different times, which would make the second foot to land his third step, and thus making it a travel.
    Not that its ever getting called when its that close. And considering how much Lebron would have to do to get called for a travel, it doesnt really matter.

    • …you do realize that is about as close to “landing at same time” as you can get right?

    • And considering Michael Finley was the only player that I can remember that pretty much shoots up without a proper gather, the freak that he was jumping out of nowhere from his toes, everyone else gathers for a two-footed jump one foot than the other than you say everyone travels all the time? Come on, yeah he travels a lot, but this is creating something out of nothing.

  4. It’s really cool to hang out with CHOO

  5. That’s what you should get for flopping. EVERY TIME!!

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