You can tell how much Shaquille O’Neal likes one of his own jokes by the number of times he repeats it. Judging by his repetition of this Prince gag — three times in less than 40 seconds, all while refusing Shane Battier the chance to wish his dad a happy Father’s Day — it’s pretty safe to assume he loves this joke.

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  1. The more I see of Shaq on TNT/NBATV, the better I think Chuck is.

    Being the mostly funny/occasionally insightful dude is HARD. Easy to come off sorta like a dickhead, as Shaq does here.

  2. Still, theses guys are SOOOOOOOO much better than ESPN’s crew.

    I used to think Wilbon was ok. This fact embarrasses me at this point. He’s like SAS without the screaming. The assumption that whatever happened last night is what’s going to happen for the rest of time is so lazy.

    • Shaq is a massively insecure, selfish douche-bag and the worst thing about the TNT half time shows. But I agree he is still miles ahead of the sanitized ESPN crew. EVERYTHING about the ESPN show is so bland and generic, even the sets, that I literally start to doze off. God they are awful.

    • Well, EJ, Kenny, and Chuck are way better than the ESPN crew. I think Shaq’s brand of insipid would fit in well with the ESPN crew. But yeah the ESPN half-time/pre-game panel is the pits. I can’t even watch it. For an all time great Magic really gives the appearance of someone who knows nothing about basketball. For my money Wilbon is the best of a bad lot with Chris Broussard being the worst of them. Broussard isn’t much of an expert but he sure is one helluva oily sycophant.

  3. I don’t think Shaq is funny. Just a tool, basically. Talk about living on your athletic exploits. Hope he is out of the “anaiysis” business sooner than later.

  4. Does Charles mean to say Phillip Michael THOMAS, not Hall??

  5. shaq srsly thinks repeating a joke makes it funnier.. watching the shows, i think kenny and chuck canĀ“t stand working with him.. and ernie tries really hard to like shaq, but is obviously overmatched by his appearance

  6. This is a perfectly spot on description of what Shaq thinks of his own jokes

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