Not only do I appreciate the sticktoitiveness necessary to get a hastily written “Jon Barry sucks” sign on national television, I also love the post-script, where we see our intrepid videobomber having a laugh and being escorted from the set. This guy knows what he just did was ridiculous, but he couldn’t live with himself if he didn’t do it.

So thank you, tall skinny elfin jokester, for doing what was necessary to spread your message. A true hero.

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  1. Haha great work. Too bad he didn’t have time to make sign for Wilbon and Broussard as well.

  2. Ha, I actually think Barry may be the most tollerable one of that awful stuidio show. Still hilarious though. Maybe he thinks Barry sucks and the others do something far worse than sucking, whatever that may be. Too bad he didn’t get to hold up anymore signs, maybe we would have found out.

  3. At least Barry isn’t Tom Tolbert. I hated when he worked the Finals back in early to mid 2000s

  4. Is it just me…or is Chris Broussard bad at analyzing basketball? He seems like a generic journalist, not an analyst.

  5. Shaq would be an upgrade over all of them. And the fact that Rick Barry is so good is frustrating as hell.

  6. Shaq is a mumbling joke, and it’s not Rick Barry, it’s Jon.

  7. most people here in Miami hate Jon Barry, hes heat hater #1.

  8. You don’t have to be in Miami to hate Jon Barry for being a hater. And I don’t think Will meant Rick or Jon. He probably meant Brent, who is killing it for NBA TV.

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