If you were thinking that nearly two years after he left the Cavaliers for the Heat, LeBron James wasn’t such a bad word in Ohio, you’re wrong. My evidence for this assumption is that picture you see up there, which doubles as an online ad from a worker rights group called Workers’ Voice.

My further evidence comes from their website.

As Game Four of the NBA finals tips off Tuesday night, Workers’ Voice has released the content of a new advertising campaign that highlights US Senate candidate Josh Mandel and the FBI investigation into contributions to his campaign.  The ads play off the famous Nike “Witness” ads that featured Lebron James during his tenure as a Cleveland Cavalier. [...]

The ads will also be targeted toward people searching on Google and Bing for information on Game 4 and/or Lebron James who, like Josh Mandel, has been accused of being unable to do the job he was hired for in Ohio, and wanted to take his “talents” elsewhere.

Oh man, double zing right here. Not only did Josh Mandel get zinged, so did LeBron James. Now anyone who searches for LeBron on Google or Bing (haha, Bing) will forever associate him with a guy who may have accepted questionable contributions to his campaign. That is a deep burn.

I have absolutely no familiarity with the political landscape in Ohio, except that it is always important in presidential elections. That being said, I think everybody who can should vote for Josh Mandel’s opponent, Sherrod Brown, because his side is the side that is using a basketball joke for political gains. Either that or learn about “the issues.” Your call, Ohioans.

(via Waiting for Next Year)