When you were watching NBA TV’s “The Dream Team,” you might have found yourself wondering the same thing I was — did Christian Laettner ever even get in a game? I certainly didn’t remember him playing from my childhood, and the film only showed him on the sidelines and/or kicking water gleefully. But the Dream Team also won every game by 40ish points, so it could go either way.

As it turns out, he did play in some Olympic games and he even registered some legitimate highlights. Sure, they only last 25 seconds out of 14 40-minute games (including the qualifying Tournament of the Americas), but still.

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  1. Ohhhhhhhh, Christian. Forever the forgotten Dream Teamer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2qWv8f4Pijs&t=2m45s

  2. I like to think the rest of the team didn’t even let him practice, so those highlights were the only time he broke a sweat all summer.

  3. Alright, since you brought it up: do you think that this was even fun for Laettner? After watching the recent doc, it just kinda seems like he spent the whole time being overlooked and disrespected. Christian Laettner was a great basketball player, but when we look back on him being a part of this team, it’s usually viewed as a joke.

    Do you think, in retrospect, that he would now prefer to have not been on this team? It seems crazy to say, but I have to wonder. Obviously he was severely outgunned by his teammates, so I’m not saying he should have played more or anything like that. Still, it’s not his fault he was chosen to be on the greatest team ever. Thoughts?

  4. In the GQ article on the team, he puts a positive spin on it, comparing it to being a collegiate freshman who has to work hard to get off the lowest rung, which is something he enjoys, apparently.

    I don’t think the Laettner pick was as bad as it looks today, but I do wonder what Shaq would have done with the experience.

  5. The video looks like a Borat informational video.

  6. Cheers! A lot of postings.

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