On today’s playoff edition of “The Fix,” Skeets and Tas discuss Game 4 of the 2012 NBA Finals. Topics include: Russell Westbrook’s heart (and brain fart); LeBron’s cramps, signature playoff moment, and his incredible work in the post; Coach Brook’s refusal to play Nick Collison; Mario “Mother***ing” Chalmers, Bosh and Wade taking over late, and James Harden’s second straight 2-for-10 performance.

All that, plus Derrick Fisher’s stink eye, “Johnny Cigar” Heat fan, Wade’s Dwayne Wayne glasses, Norris Cole’s new haircut, the return of the Sweaty Headband Chick, and that 11-year-old singer.

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Comments (17)

  1. You guys are confusing me with that stat in the first two minutes. What Tas says implies that every NBA finals that has gone to 3-1 ended in 5 games. Am I hearing that right?

    Because then Skeets says something about the series never going to seven games. Which seems like a weird thing to say if they all only went to 5 games.

    I would like to dazzle my friends (we are losers) with this incredistat, but I don;t want to eff it up.

    If you explain this later in the ‘cast, my humble apologies.

  2. You guys are way too easy on Westbrook, imo

  3. Last year, the Karma Gods kept the Heat from winning.

    This year, the Karma Gods are keeping Clay Bennett from winning.

  4. Why didn’t KD and Westbrook just make the change on who to guard regarding chalmers and battier. NBA players seem to pride themselves on being professionals/adults well couldn’t they have made the change on the court themselves why do they need Brooks to tell them.

  5. I think the reffing in this series has been brutal. Westbrook took it to the rim all night, got hacked all night and shot 3 free throws. I’m not delusional, I won’t claim that it was the only factor in the loss, or the biggest reason OKC is down in the series. Clearly Brooks’ coaching/rotations, OKC’s late game execution (or lack thereof), LBJ and Miami’s determined play, and Harden’s disappearance have all been huge, but… the officiating has been brutal.

    OKC or, more specifically, KD and Westbrook just don’t get calls –ever. KD doesn’t get calls when he drives to the rim and draws contact and on defense he is getting hit with some real phantom calls as the refs continue to treat him to a healthy dose of the Paul Pierce reverse star-treatment special. And Westbrook? Well like I say he is just getting murdered at the rim. This is especially difficult to watch as breathing on Wade puts him on the line.

    I know that traditionally the home team gets the calls, and that certainly has been holding true for Miami at home but it should be pointed out that it wasn’t the case for OKC back in games one and two. I love the nba, but eff me the officiating is maddening. Can someone please tell me why it is that we have to just accept that the home team gets the benefit of the whistles and no-calls? I mean the refs are paid professionals, right? (And allegedly the best of their profession) So why should we just accept the fact that their calls will be influenced by the location of the game?

    • I don’t typically blame refereeing, but this comment is spot on.

    • Absolutely dead on. I’m not one to complain about refs but OKC has been robbed 3 games in a row. In a properly called series, OKC could be leading 3-1.

    • You are so completely wrong that it is humorous. I am not an Oklahoma City fan, and I am Not a Heat fan. Yet, to make the Oklahoma City fans happy you’d have to give Westbrook and Durant a foul call every single damn time you guys come down the court. Here’s some data for you on FT shots:

      OKC- 20-27, 15-16, 15-24, 19-26. In four games you’ve shot 93 free throws.

      Heat- 14-18, 18-25, 31-35, 22-25. In four games, the Heat has shot 103 free throws.

      Over four games there’s a paltry TEN FREE THROW DISPARITY. TEN FREE THROWS. If you think that is such a big deal, go back and look at the previous’ series you guys have played in and the amount of free throws you averaged over your opponents. If you can’t overcome a Paltry 2.5 free throws a game, then you deserve to lose.

      Hearing you guys complain about free throws is the worst.

      Lastly, just because Westbrook hurls himself into the paint without any idea of how he’ll finish and where the defense is already standing and defending, it doesn’t mean he deservs a foul call for bowling into people. They have the right to stand there with their hands up without a foul call.

  6. Of Course!!!! Its all the Reffing!!!! That what caused Lebron to hit that CLUTCH 3. Durant to shoot like shit most of the game, and Ibaka to play shit Defence!!! Not saying its been great reffing, but come on! Harden has sucked! No one can guard Lebron, and Durant is a PHENOMENAL Scorer, but can’t do shit else!

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