There are a few different kinds of cusses out there, available for all your swearing needs. I’m not going to go in to all of them because this is not a humor book you can buy at Spencer’s Gifts. However, the Miami Heat pulled off two notable occurrences last night — up top you have LeBron James with the classic I’m Hurt swear, down below you have Dwyane Wade with a wonderful example of an I’m So Happy swear.

Unless Mario Chalmers’ parents had a really strange sense of humor and gave him a middle name straight out of “Horrible Bosses,” I’m going to vote for Dwyane Wade’s cussing as the most hilarious cussing that ESPN was probably hoping they hadn’t caught on mic. No matter how much you hate LeBron, it’s hard to delight in him having to walk like Mike Miller for a quarter. Dwyane Wade celebrating Mario Chalmers’ huge performance by swearing at him though? That’s great.