Believe it or not, there are some former Seattle SuperSonics fans who are still upset about their team leaving town and turning in to the Oklahoma City Thunder. Surprising, I know. You would think that nearly four years after the relocation, the fan base would be totally OK with their city’s longest-tenured and most successful sports franchise being moved to a city that is primarily filled with steakhouses.

Nonetheless, that is the case and that is the reason why the bros behind the documentary “Sonicsgate” showed up to last night’s Game 4 decked out in full Sonics gear with their faces all zombied out to cheer for the Heat. It’s the kind of stunt Bill Simmons dreams of.

Here they are in pregame, having some photos taken with a Miami Heat fan. Just like the OKCLE shirt, it’s nice that pure hatred can sometimes bring people together.

And here’s a closeup of one of the zombie’s faces. As you can see, totes zombie.

Most amazingly, this picture showed up on I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that whoever put together this slideshow didn’t really think through the whole “zombie Sonics” thing. Either that or they have a sick sense of humor, and if that’s the case, email me.

Again, totes zombies, this time showing off some clever logo manipulation. That “Beat OKC” sign on the left is pretty great. They should have sold t-shirts with that design on it. People would definitely blog about it.

Another part of these zombies’ getups was a gigantic Sonics towel that kept popping up behind the Thunder bench during the broadcast. Not only is it great for getting your message across during a basketball game, but it also is vital for cleaning up the mess after you’ve been eating brains.

This is the best picture, I’d argue — the zombie Sonics broing down with some Thunder fans. If these guys can all be friends, then that really says a lot about us as people. It’s a real “Rocky IV” situation, but only if you mix in a little “Shaun of the Dead.”