Holy smokes, Charlotte Bobcats news during the postseason that isn’t about the NBA Draft or a comical coaching search. What is the world coming to? So crazy.

But anyways, what you see up there are the new Charlotte Bobcats jerseys, which are really just Dallas Mavericks jerseys with “CATS” across the front and some pinstriping on the side panels. We’ve known about these for less than 12 hours and they are already the funniest jerseys in the league. It’s like the team saw the Mavericks win last year’s title during a meeting about redesigning their jerseys and were like, “How about those? Seems to work for them.” Then everybody else was like, “Sure. Let’s get some shawarma.”

That being said, these are still better than the previous Bobcats uniforms, simply because their blue is a deep navy instead of that old color that looked like a pair of jeans that have been washed six times. While I’d prefer a lot more orange, I’ll admit that the tiny details in the world’s best color are a nice touch, as are the pinstriped side panels that keep things just Bobcatty enough that you don’t actually think they are wearing Mavericks unis. And hey, at least the team didn’t let Michael Jordan design these, because that could have turned out horribly.

In just eight years of existence, this is already the Bobcats’ fourth look. And while this is the best of the bunch, I can’t imagine that changing jerseys every other year is good for establishing an identity. Factor in that the team would love to get the old Hornets name back and you just get the feeling that no one really has any strong feelings about the Bobcats, including the Bobcats.

More pics after the jump, including the updated logo. Let’s hear what you think in the comments.

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  1. Why not change their names to the Horsemen and change their logo to the Nature Boy?

  2. Do we need anymore proof that we are desperate to get the Hornets name back. Tom Benson could charge 10 mil for that name and Jordan would gladly pay it.
    By the way if the NBA was a game of Scrabble and I got the Bobcats I would lose a turn just to send them all back and redraw from the bag.

  3. So unless you’re Boston or LA you’re either blue or red….the NBA color scheme is officially monotonous…

    • Bucks – Green. Jazz – Purple or green, I forget what they have right now. Spurs/Blazers, and I guess Nets – Black. Off the top of my head…

      • So it’s a Mavericks Jersey with an OKC colorway…hell why not just throw in a flaming basketball with a leprechaun sitting on top of it while wearing a pair of spurs to the logo while they’re at it?

      • Bucks and Blazers also have red
        Suns and Kings aren’t red or blue

  4. If there’s one thing that this league needed it was definitely another navy blue-based color scheme.

  5. So it’s a Mavericks Jersey with an OKC colorway…hell why not just throw in a flaming basketball with a leprechaun sitting on top of it while wearing a pair of spurs to the logo while they’re at it?

  6. The logo is basically the Grizzlies’ logo, but a cat. I agree with the color-scheme monotony of the NBA. They should have just tried to get the rights to the Nuggets 1980′s rainbow skyline unis, which are clearly the benchmark for awesome. I’d root for a 7 win team if they wore those.

  7. They must really suck, I have no idea who those players are.

  8. At least they didn’t put that weird stripe on their ass that makes it look like their pants are falling off.

  9. i’m the only one who likes the previous ones?…

  10. They should have alternates that say MEOW across the front.

  11. Eraser blue was cool… why’d they have to change it? Seriously, the Bobcats are the worst right now. When New Orleans gives up the Hornets name, and possibly the colorway, Charlotte better get that Hornets and teal/purple scheme back ASAP. There is absolutely no originality in these unis, none.

  12. Do you think it’s also an issue for the ‘Cats that Gerald Henderson, Kemba Walker, and Bismack Biyombo are the featured players in those jerseys?

  13. Didn’t we talk about them changing names as soon as possible with Jordan now being the owner and not that Robert Whatshisname? That’s what MJ has come up with: Cats?

    Such a drastic change really. But if they don’t stick with that name why would they get new jerseys for just one year maybe…


    • ar least it says “CATS” now instead of anything else, because “bobcats” is clearly the least intimidating name of all wildcats-y sort of animals. it sounds cute at best, and that’s probably not what you would look for as a sports team.

      “bobcat” sounds like some sort of haircut for women from the 80ies.

  14. I dont are about the jersey. The team should be called the Charlotte Jordans. I’d root for that team in an instant, no matter how their jerseys look like

  15. It’s funny because I really don’t think Kemba & Henderson can coexist with each other. Bobcats need to shift one of these two or they’ll be facing mismatches left, right and center… Unless they plan on bring Kemba off the bench until they move Gerald. Biyombo is small for a 5, Bismack cannot play the 4 unless you want your 4 to be offensively challenged, Thomas Robinson or Kidd Gilchrist are both natural for their positions of PF and SF, so if they add Kemba to the 2 in the starting 5, this team is small, and the last thing you want your untalented team to be is small.

    Why am I really talking about the Bobcats? Oh ya, because I love BASKETBALL

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