Ballin: Russell Westbrook had 43 points, seven rebounds and five assists. The only other players in history to put up those kind of numbers in the Finals are Michael Jordan and Shaquille O’Neal. Pretty cool company.

Not so much: Russell Westbrook also committed a foul that is going to go down as one of the biggest brain farts in Finals history. Game 4 is the new gold standard for Good Russ-Bad Russ games.

Upgrade U: Mario Chalmers, you guys.

Between this clutch loopty-loop layup, three threes and 12 fourth quarter points, Mario Chalmers might be the new Derek Fisher. It’s also possible that we can attribute his poise in the fourth quarter to the freezing cold Alaskan blood that runs through his veins, though I will admit that that same blood hasn’t really helped Carlos Boozer or Trajan Langdon have any big playoff moments.

Tracking: Fourth quarter scoring through four games — Kevin Durant 43, LeBron James 28 (plus two leg cramps).

Not cool, man: Derek Fisher giving LeBron the evil eye was one of the funniest moments of last night’s game.

Derek Fisher is like, “Come on, man. You’re at least 250 pounds.” LeBron James is like, “So was Luis Scola.”

Hollerin’ hootie hoo: Through 62 regular season games and the first 15 games of the playoffs, James Harden scored less than double-digits a grand total of four times. In the first four Finals games, he’s had less than 10 three times. He’s shooting 13-for-37 for the series (4-14 from three) and was bricking shots so badly last night — and missing breakaway layups — that he ended up passing up wide-open jumpers that the Thunder needed him to take. And make.

Too far: Dwyane Wade ruined press conference glasses for everyone.

Easy, Cal Ripken. (Or alternately, the Dwayne Wayne joke everybody on earth has already made.)

Shout out loud: The Thunder got off to a 17-point point first quarter lead last night, which took all of five minutes and 10 seconds for them to blow. It was the biggest postseason comeback in Heat history and it still only took five minutes. Whoops, Thunder.

Other things: Norris Cole’s flattop gave the Heat eight big points, including a big three at the end of the first quarter that started the Heat’s comeback. I assume he played so well because his hair finally matches his name … Chill out, Chris Bosh. It’s just a loose ball foul … That weird rule that reset the shot clock to five seconds on a jump ball — you know, the one Russell Westbrook wasn’t aware of — has been on the books since 2003Russell Westbrook’s family was the best … Oh hi, LeBron’s headband girl