Ballin: Russell Westbrook had 43 points, seven rebounds and five assists. The only other players in history to put up those kind of numbers in the Finals are Michael Jordan and Shaquille O’Neal. Pretty cool company.

Not so much: Russell Westbrook also committed a foul that is going to go down as one of the biggest brain farts in Finals history. Game 4 is the new gold standard for Good Russ-Bad Russ games.

Upgrade U: Mario Chalmers, you guys.

Between this clutch loopty-loop layup, three threes and 12 fourth quarter points, Mario Chalmers might be the new Derek Fisher. It’s also possible that we can attribute his poise in the fourth quarter to the freezing cold Alaskan blood that runs through his veins, though I will admit that that same blood hasn’t really helped Carlos Boozer or Trajan Langdon have any big playoff moments.

Tracking: Fourth quarter scoring through four games — Kevin Durant 43, LeBron James 28 (plus two leg cramps).

Not cool, man: Derek Fisher giving LeBron the evil eye was one of the funniest moments of last night’s game.

Derek Fisher is like, “Come on, man. You’re at least 250 pounds.” LeBron James is like, “So was Luis Scola.”

Hollerin’ hootie hoo: Through 62 regular season games and the first 15 games of the playoffs, James Harden scored less than double-digits a grand total of four times. In the first four Finals games, he’s had less than 10 three times. He’s shooting 13-for-37 for the series (4-14 from three) and was bricking shots so badly last night — and missing breakaway layups — that he ended up passing up wide-open jumpers that the Thunder needed him to take. And make.

Too far: Dwyane Wade ruined press conference glasses for everyone.

Easy, Cal Ripken. (Or alternately, the Dwayne Wayne joke everybody on earth has already made.)

Shout out loud: The Thunder got off to a 17-point point first quarter lead last night, which took all of five minutes and 10 seconds for them to blow. It was the biggest postseason comeback in Heat history and it still only took five minutes. Whoops, Thunder.

Other things: Norris Cole’s flattop gave the Heat eight big points, including a big three at the end of the first quarter that started the Heat’s comeback. I assume he played so well because his hair finally matches his name … Chill out, Chris Bosh. It’s just a loose ball foul … That weird rule that reset the shot clock to five seconds on a jump ball — you know, the one Russell Westbrook wasn’t aware of — has been on the books since 2003Russell Westbrook’s family was the best … Oh hi, LeBron’s headband girl

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  1. Harden did not look good physically – like he either had a massive headache or was holding in a big poop the whole game.

    Also, I agree with most of what JVG says, but I fear he has fallen in love with the sound of his own voice.

  2. That would explain the steamer he left on the court.

  3. No shit Harden didn’t look good physically. He shot 2-10 again. Anyone who does that isn’t ‘going to look good physically’

  4. Ugh


  5. I cant believe how terrible Harden is looking. The last shot he took, I think with a few minutes left…he was open and hesitated and you could tell he didnt want to take it then the defence got there and he took it and missed…ugh. Ugly.

    Great game by Westbrook, other than that foul of course. So sick of reading criticisms of him though. Was reading comments on ESPN and so many people were criticizing him for the amount of shots he took. Some games those criticisms are legitimate, but last night, come on. He was being aggressive and MAKING them, he was doing precisely what you want him to do. Pass the ball more? To who? Who else is going to shoot? Especially when Durant was doing a bad job getting open, (Lebron/Battier doing a good job of ball denial).

    Was it just me, or did the calls not seem to go the Thunders way last night. Amazed at how few FTs Westbrook had for how much time he spent in the paint.

    After looking pedestrian for the first few rounds, the Heat are really starting to look great! Every night a role player or two is stepping up for them, which is what they needed. Having Bosh back really helps. Easy buckets in the P&R, and spreads the floor even when he isnt doing much else. Tons of OREBS too!! I dont remember him doing that on the Raps!?

    • Don’t really like blaming the officials so I won’t dwell on it too much but I am a little in shock at the amount of off-ball contact that is being allowed by the LBJ/Battier combo. There were 3-4 instances last night where it looked like Durant was getting grabbed/thrown around while he was trying to get open.

      It’s just strange to observe being that it seems like there have been more off-ball fouls called this postseason than any other I can really recall. Some strange stuff to observe for sure.

    • Ditto. Westbrook definitely had some brainfart moments at the end of the game but he wasn’t the reason the Thunder lost. He was the ONLY reason the Thunder were in the game. Harden and Durant just didn’t step up. Harden lost confidence somehow and hesitated too much, and Durant just couldn’t get open. That’s just on offense. Durant was just not consistent on defense. He was on Chalmers a decent amount and Chalmers just had his way with him. The Internets gotta cut Westbrook some slack and give blame where it is due (the other 2 of the big 3 in OKC).

      • I agree, the refs are allowing a lot of contact/holding away from the ball. Durant seems to be struggling with that

  6. YEs, durant has 43 to lebrons 28 but also take into account OKC has lost 3 games and had to play catch up

  7. “Chill out, Chris Bosh. It’s just a loose ball foul”

    As a Thunder fan, I wish the Thunder players would play with that emotion just for a loose ball! These games are within 1 possession in the final minute.

    I became worried when Westbrook made the jumper near the goal, then ran all the way back to contest Wade’s shot at the rim. I couldn’t believe he had to run past 4 THUNDER players! Didn’t look good at all.

  8. Howdy! I could have sworn I’ve been to your blog before but after going through some of the posts I realized it’s new to me. Anyways, I’m definitely happy I discovered it and I’ll be bookmarking it and checking back regularly!

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