As we all know, LeBron James cramped up at the end of Game 4, ending up walking like Mike Miller on a good day while luckily avoiding several headlines that read along the lines of “LeBron Sits with Cramps as Heat Blow Series Lead.” Even though you could tell he was hurting, LeBron milking his limp after his big three like it was the first time he had ever used his legs was a lasting and very funny image.

But don’t expect anything like it in Game 5 because the Heat are doing whatever they can to make sure they don’t lose their MVP to dehydration, no matter how iconic it might be. From the Palm Beach Post:

Chris Bosh said that had brought Gatorade and salt tablets for James.

Wade said he had done no such thing, not with so much in the locker room.

“I’m not bringing that in my house,” Wade said. “My kids love Gatorade. Sorry.”

And Erik Spoelstra said that “Mr. Trap Door” Pat Riley and other Heat officials had been “working on a couple of things” when it came to the conditions in the arena.

Certainly, it was much cooler for Thursday’s shootaround than it was for Tuesday’s game.

Really like this idea of all the Miami Heat bringing stuff to the American Airlines Arena to give to LeBron James so that he doesn’t cramp up. Somebody brought a dozen bananas for sure, and I’m hoping some jokester showed up with a value pack of Midol (probably Juwan Howard).

This is what home court advantage can afford you though. If the Heat’s arena being too hot contributed to LeBron James’ leg joints being mitered together, then they should definitely make it colder. That is just being smart. When you have three games in a row at home and your best player is unable to walk because the gym is scorching hot, turn up the air conditioning. Get every advantage you can from playing at home.

Just be careful about taking it too far. Dwyane Wade isn’t allowed to wear tights under his uniform any more and you know how people get when they’re too cold. Wars have been fought over room temperatures so the Heat need to be smart about this because they could have a mutiny on their freezing cold hands.