Here are two things you definitely know about Mario Chalmers regarding this season’s playoffs: 1) he had an amazing Game 4 that will definitely get a featured moment on a championship DVD if the Heat win the title and 2) everybody on the Heat yells at him all the time. Even when he’s not the one actively messing up, if he’s involved in a busted play, he’s the guy that gets screamed at. There are GIFs to prove it and GIFs don’t lie.

It happens so often, in fact, that ESPN did a whole article explaining the various reasons why all the Heat yell at him for everything. Whether it be because they think he doesn’t listen, that he thinks he’s a lot better than he really is or just because everyone else is doing it, they all have their reasons and they’re all what you’d expect. But buried in the article is this little nugget about how LeBron deals with Mario Chalmers, which is sure to make you giggle.

Privately, LeBron jokingly mocks Chalmers for everything from his sneakers — Chalmers has a deal with Spalding, which is apparently making shoes now and not just basketballs (who knew?) — to his taste in food.

To be fair, Mario Chalmers does get paid to wear Spalding basketball shoes, which is admittedly hilarious since this isn’t the 1990′s. Having a Spalding shoe deal in 2012 is pretty funny, especially when you consider their other two endorsers are Jimmer Fredette and Chris Singleton. Plus, Alaskans legitimately eat reindeer sausage, which is, again, hilarious. Have to say LeBron James is really nailing his Mario Chalmers zings.

And hey, if Mario can take it like LeBron says he can — “Rio’s one of the toughest guys. He’s got a hard shell, so he doesn’t let much get to him.” — then the Heat might as well keep yelling at him and making fun of him. I don’t want to overstep my bounds, but I’d offer up his terrible goatee as the next target on LeBron’s list. Seems like there’s potential for some good material there, and if it’s going to lead to another 25-point outburst in the NBA Finals, then they should definitely mention that he looks like a 14-year-old who just found out about peach fuzz.