If you’ve been following TBJ for the past couple of years, you know all about Box Out Kid, the little guy who always shows up at All-Star Games and gets in Skeets’ way. This kid is our once a year nemesis, bringing us both laughs and frustration when we run in to him at Media Day.

So imagine our amazement when we saw him directly behind David Stern as he presented the Miami Heat with the Larry O’Brien Trophy.

If you missed him, here he is.

And he was there all night. As you can see above, he even weaseled his way in to the Heat’s championship photo, ensuring his place in Heat history for the rest of time.

Earlier, he just chilled by LeBron James, basically following him around as he accepted the Finals MVP trophy.

And now that you know what he was wearing — a Nike LeBron shirt and the LeBron 9 “Galaxy” shoes — it’s easy to pick him out touching the Heat’s championship trophy.

In a week that has seen Kevin Durant get sued for a nickname popularized by TBJ, this was an even more amazing occurrence. How on Earth did this kid end up on stage with the Heat? Did he just sneak on? Did his dad pull some strings to let him get his party on? The world may never know, but it’s still hilarious.

You did it, Box Out Kid. On top of the world.