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On today’s show, The Jones survey the fallout from the Miami Heat winning the 2012 NBA Finals: Is LeBron James finally likeable? Has a dynasty begun in Miami? And where does OKC go from here regarding Westbrook, Harden, Ibaka and Coach Brooks? We also breakdown the Hornets/Wizards trade, discuss the idea of a “World Cup of Basketball,” and touch on the resurrection of Brandon Roy’s career.

All that, plus nickname lawsuits, Dragic-to-Phoenix rumors, porn stars, Leigh’s “Tweet of the Week,” and a lot of Juwan Howard puns. You know Juwan it!

So give your eyes a rest, and embrace this audio explosion.


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  1. Is this the last overdose of the year, or does it happen during the offseason at all?

  2. Just wanted to say thanks to you guys for all the podcasts this year; really enjoyed them. Thanks, gents!

    • Took the words right out of my mouth, Mike. Another great year for all the TBJ crew so thanks, guys!

      Any chance we can get some more blank jones this summer?

    • Agreed! Fantastic Overdose and fantastic season guys!

  3. PLEASE do another Canada Jones this summer!

  4. no more rounders updates :(

  5. I discovered you guys a few weeks into this season. Looked forward to listening to each morning at work–really added a lot for me to an already fun season.

  6. Great season!
    Can we petition to get the new Bobcats to say “Meow!” instead of “Cats”.

  7. The Shoutouts section is dangerous to listen to at work!

  8. Dragic > Sessions

  9. When you made that fart noise during the pun gun my dog looked at me like I just farted.

  10. Hate the Heat, but happy for Lebron. Never thought I’d say that. This morning I was thinking about how it would have gone down if Lebron and Durant switched places. Thunder probably win that series. Food for thought

    Actually looking forward to watching some Wizards games next year. The trades they made were really good. Nene’s a better value than anyone’s gonna get at PF/C this offseason (outside of Duncan/KG re-signs). They’re really only paying a net 20mil for 2 seasons Okafor and Ariza (Lewis=0). Both will tradeable expiring contracts after next season, so that aspect is a wash. I think they’ll be fun to watch (celtic fan fyi)

  11. One of these days, the TBJ guys will argue about something for so long, they’ll make a new Blank Jones episode about it.

  12. Trevor Ruffin and Trevor Wilson played 4 games together for Philly in Dec 1995.

    There are only 4 Trevor’s in the history of the NBA, and somehow they’ve been paired up together.

  13. Favorite mid-90s Robin Williams movie? Juwanji.

  14. The thing that sort of annoys me about all the Lebron analysis is that a lot of people are acting like he hadn’t played this way his whole career. Other than the Finals against Dallas last year, you can argue he never lost a series when he had the better team. Sure he’s better now than he was when he was a rookie but I don’t think he was better this year than he was 2007-2011, except for the Finals against Dallas.

  15. I’m not a master of the salary cap but in regards to team Harden vs team Ibaka I vote for amnesty Perkins and sign them both, if possible.

    • THANK YOU!!! Someone understands. Either amnesty Perk or salary dump Russ.

      P.S. You guys wrote “Tweet of The WeEk” instead of “Tweet of The WeAk”

  16. Hey guys first of all I want to thank you for your basketball coverage during this season. I discovered TBJ during the mid – way point of the season and I have to say you made following NBA much more fun. Especially since I’m an overseas fan – I’m from Lithuania.

    During this podcast you asked your foreigner viewers opinions on the whole U-23 Olympics and bigger World Championships thing. As far as Lithuania ( and PROBABLY most other basketball – crazy European nations) is concerned the importance of basketball events could be ranked as following :

    1. Olympics

    2. European Championship.

    3. World Championship.

    Nothing beats Olympics when it comes to importance – everytime the Lithuania would win a medal in Olympics the country would go crazy – people dancing, singing, streeking in the streets and other forms of celebration. Just look at his trailer and you can immediately tell what Olympics mean for European countries ( although it’s focused more on Lithuania you can see magnitude of these games )

    European Championships are quite important here also – I still vaguely remember when we won it 2003 – felt so damn good. Thousands of fans swarmed the Sweden before the final game. And when we lose in them (2005, 2009) the fans are disgruntled the coach is usually sacked and consequences are quite harsh.

    On the other hand, when it comes to World Championships we honestly don’t care. Same as the basketball players actually – if they chose to take summer offs it would be usually the year of World Championships. Hey if they need a break or nurse an injury – World Championships are the time to do it. Thus leading to B or even C teams being sent for those events. And event though Lithuania won a bronze medal in 2010 it would’ve been so much greater if it would have been an European Championship bronze medal. Make no mistake though nothing was expected from that team so a medal was nice and the guys played beautiful basketball but it was a bit meh since it was the World Championship.

    And Cuban is being delusional if he thinks FIBA will let them be the majority “owners” of the new tournament – I’m sorry but as good as USA are they are only one team. And my biggest point would be – you just can’t compare a single tournament solely for basketball when on the other hand you have the Olympic games – an extraordinary event that is being held only every four years. You always wait for Olympics no matter what – you not only track basketball games but other storylines that are formed. And the tournament has such a rich history ( going back to Ancient Greece than being re – started in 1896) – no other sporting event can even come close to what the Olympics can offer.

    P.S. Sorry for any grammatical/vocabulary mistakes as I’m writing this whole post pretty late and tired.
    P.S.S. Thanks once again for your great show guys !

  17. Died laughing during shout outs. Gold.

  18. Dragic has 3 pt range that Sessions doesn’t.

  19. Ooh, so Tas comes up to Brampton for softball, eh? Let me guess, Chingaucousy Park? (and yes, it was more than a short burst of rain up here – the water outside my house almost overflowed the curb)

  20. Good for Lee getting some music for his shout outs!

    Thanks for the great season fellas. Looking forward to the random BLANK Jones episodes!

  21. There’s a poker player who uses the name Durrrr.

    Not sure if he would sue Durant or not.

    Also, don’t ask me how I know that.

  22. who’s the shoutout of the year? wooblyballs or trollbag?

  23. Make up those bets Tas and Melas and post them up

  24. “World Cup of Basketball” should be called World Hoop. Problem. Solved.

  25. Thanks to the whole TBJ crew for a great year. Been listening since episode 12 and you guys are getting better every year.

  26. who was his Jedi teacher?

    Obi-Juwan Kenobi

  27. My friends and I already have a new nickname for KD: Doo Doo Jump.

  28. Philidelphia had two Trevors, Trevor Ruffin and Trevor Wilson in the 95-96 season.

  29. All I can say is, PLEASE bring back The Blank Jones!!!! It was an absolute treat!

  30. Why would I like Lebron today more than I did a week ago. THIS IS SPORTS PEOPLE

  31. Goran Dragic > Ramon Sessions…..

  32. Thanks guys for the best year of TBJ yet. I was lucky enough to find you aboot(!) 700-odd episodes ago and never miss it if I can help it. Keep it coming.

    As for ‘ball: Glad to see LeBron get his first & Wade, his second. Sad to see the last game of the season. Looking forward to an interesting offseason and more-so, the Olympics.

    Interesting trade for Washington, that’s a big defensive wall of veterans to help JW. John”s Wall?

    Bring on next season.

  33. Cheers, girls. Tremendous job this season.

  34. Yep, agree, Awesome job covering the nba again, now with short feature! Huge year, congrats!
    Also, as far as I’m concerned (german), aside from basketball, nobody gives a shit aboat^^ the Olympics. Isn’t really an issue in the newspapers. And you wouldn’t find a single football/ soccer player in his right mind who wouldn’t trade like a dozen gold medals for ONE world cup. It’s where legends are born, or validated.

  35. Don’t play dumb Skeets, Tas hit it right on the head—Dragic can straight up take over games, whereas Sessions can’t. Had the Rockets made the playoffs, I bet you would change your opinion. Don’t make Kenny Smith look good

  36. dragic over sessions. his name is way cooler. also more blank jones for the summer please.

  37. I think the dynasty in Miami has started, they have realized what it takes and how to do it. I wrote about it in my own blog i’m trying to get going…, id appreciate it if people would check it out. thanks

  38. Olympics can stay relevant.

    World Championship can remain a “junior”-event for the US. FIBA stays in charge, Tas.

    But please introduce something like an international club championship (Champions League) within the regular season. You will need to tone down the NBA schedule for that and allow for long trips. Yes, you can put Cuban in charge – since he is very talented with these things. But to balance things out, let Prokhorov have equal say in this.

    This would promote the game (ie. US clubs) internationally even more, which they are on the lookout for so long now. And clubs like Panathinaikos, CSKA, FC Bayern, or the Beijing Ducks will try to gather more talent to compete on an NBA-level.

  39. I don’t think anything in the world brings me more joy than hearing Leigh say “old mate woobly balls”.

  40. One more vote for some “The _____ Jones” this summer.

  41. name of the song in the end?

  42. What’s his favorite basketball podcast? The Basketball Juwans.

    Great season guys. Absolutely loved it.

    • hehehehe nice^^
      also: +1 for more blank jones, that was the best, and i, too wanna know the name of the song in the end –

      aaaaaand the name of the song directly after the live podcast, the one where some woman appears to sing “dingelingelingelingelingelingeling”!!

      don’t know why i never asked before…

  43. don’t forget about greg oden as a possible center for the heat. he said he has interest and wouldn’t cost them very much.

  44. Thanks for the season guys….

    And yeah, keep on blankin’ that jones pliz.

  45. Thoroughly enjoyed

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