Following an NBA Finals victory by LeBron James, there might be no tougher job than that of a Cleveland weatherman. Think about it — a player your city hates who plays for a weather-themed team just beat another weather-themed team to win his first NBA championship after leaving your city’s team. Unless Cleveland experiences a chilly but totally precipitation-free night, there is bound to be some crossover. If it’s hot or stormy, good luck not mentioning the Heat or Thunder.

That being said, when he said he was “on fire right now,” I totally agreed. This guy killed it.

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  1. …and let the shitting-on of Cleveland commence.

    That was pretty laid-back for a rant. Most Clevelanders may not like the Heat or LeBron, but it’s nowhere near the end of the world for them that the national media may make it out to be in the following weeks. They’ve been through far worse than a former player achieving success with another team…

  2. I don’t even see why this should be a concern for Cleveland. They think they are the only city that lost a franchise player? Get over it and get behind Irving.

  3. as a cleveland fan, im actually relieved lebron finally did we can all just move on. he deserved it, he made the right move, our front office screwed up..i just hope history doesn’t repeat itself with kyrie

  4. im mainly a football fan so it wouldn’t feel right unless the browns were the first to break the curse anyway..haha

  5. Pretty funny. This was very mild humor and tasteful. From Cleveland. Cleveland has moved on despite what sports media says. agree with Shiban. We hope Now that he has his ring, sports media will move on and target some one else to hound. They already started on ESPN with the list of Dwight Howard, Carmela and Chris Paul. My guess, look out Howard!!

    • There’s still a huge crowd of people that are bitter about Lebron, and they’re gonna remain bitter for a long time, such is the irrational world we live in where a sports figure can impact us so deep on a personal level when those same people has never met the said sports figure.

      • Not that many people are bitter about Lebron leaving Cleveland for Miami. They are just bitter in terms of how Lebron made his “Decision.” I would be too if Joe Mauer never signed his extension and announced in an ESPN special sponsored by the Boys and Girls Clubs of America (with half going to Minnesota) that he was taking his talents to the Bronx.

  6. Cleveland has moved on. If ESPN would leave us alone and stop picking out the few idiots in the city that cant get over it, everyone would realize we dont care anymore. Lebron is the one hurting inside because everybody in the country still hates him and he knows it.

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