One last Chris Bosh face joke (0:17 mark) to cap off a season seems like a good way to end things for 2011-12, especially when it comes from Chris Bosh. Between this, his personal champagne party and bigging up himself during Erik Spoelstra’s postgame presser, I think we can give him the MVP of championship celebrating.

I mean, just look at this guy.

Weirdest guy in the NBA? Maybe.

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  1. even though i knew what he would say in the video… the delivery and facial expression still cracked me up. WOW

  2. Pretty sure Rondo’s still the weirdest big-name player in the NBA.

  3. This is a great piece and I heartily agree with it. He is the weirdest player in the NBA and I for one like him for it. Plus it’s nice to see he’s improved his comedic delivery. I lol’d.

  4. Bosh may be funny. At least he knows how to make people laugh. But overall he is a man with class and now a champion. But here is the real joke(s). BRYAN COLANGELO, ANDREA BARGNANI, MAURIZIO GHERARDHINI, JAY TRIANO & MAPLE LEAF SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT!! Those that I just mention don’t believe in championships!!!

  5. By those “hard times in Toronto” is Bosh referring to the fact that he checked halfway through the last season?

    • Seriously!! I hated what he was those last 2 seasons in Toronto. He wasn’t a basketball player, he was a camera whore out to just make himself marketable.

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