I’m writing this article at 4:30 in the morning, after having semi-intentionally dozing off during the fourth quarter of last night’s game, well after the outcome had been decided. I’d been telling people the last few days that I couldn’t imagine waking up to a world in which LeBron James had won an NBA championship, but it turns out that falling asleep to such a world is even more challenging for me — every half-hour or so I would stir with the panic-striking thought of “Did that really just happen? There’s no Game 6? Is there really still no way for LeBron James to choke this one away again?” Frankly, I may never sleep again.

I hate LeBron James. More to the point, I am a LeBron James hater, in the Maino sense of the word. I’d always thought that hip-hop’s preoccupation with the concept of haterdom was ridiculous — yeah, dude, like there are really hordes of people out there that want you to fail for no particular reason, and you’re not just a mildly paranoid narcissist — but that’s exactly the content of my relationship with LeBron. There is nothing in professional sports that makes me happier than seeing this guy fail, and I root for it unequivocally, without logic or remorse. Perhaps there are legions of people who legitimately feel the same way about B.o.B. and perhaps not, but I can no longer deny the concept’s existence.

Why am I such a LeBron hater? If you had asked me a couple of years ago — hell, maybe even a couple of months ago — I probably would’ve offered some kind of explanation based around how the man always seemed to me like a basketball half-stepper, a guy who didn’t take the game nearly as much to heart as my favorite players did, who was more interested in the general concept of success (fame, fortune, power and influence) than in legitimate, validating NBA success, and that if he could have achieved the same things he did playing golf or poker or being a motivational speaker, he’d be fine with it. I’d point out his disorientingly unemotional press conferences the last few years after being eliminated from the playoffs as evidence of his lack of personal investment, and I’d point out his obvious front-running with his sports interests (including wearing a Yankees hat to an Indians game while playing for Cleveland) as proof that he didn’t have a clue what real sports fandom was about.

But frankly, all that is beside the point. Trying to defend my hate of LeBron James and base it in some kind of moral objectivity is ultimately as purposeless as defending my love of Kobe Bryant. Even as I argue it, I can hear myself arguing the obvious points against it, and they’re all more valid than the points I’m making. Mostly, I just hate LeBron James because I hate LeBron James. I hate his stupid face. I hate his State Farm commercials. I hate his chest-puffing peacock strut after getting the whistle on an and-one. I hate how hilarious he thought it was that time Donyell Marshall tried to enter a game without his jersey on. I hate how he occasionally forgets not to refer to himself in the third person. I hate his terrible dance moves. I hate his shoe-endorsing grills. I hate that he shot that free throw left-handed in the ’10 Bulls series, seemingly only to bait NBA conspiracy theorists. I hate his childhood friends that he brings everywhere with him. I hate how he never gets injured. Did I mention that I fucking hate his stupid fucking face?

It was actually interesting and a little bit weird for me two years ago when LeBron James went on national TV and actually offered up a defensible reason for me and the majority of America to hate him. As overjoyed as I was to finally have millions of new allies in my personal crusade against LBJ, and as much as it made my black heart sing to hear him get booed in every arena he visited for a year or two, part of me resented the obvious hate bandwagoning — Hey, assholes, I’ve hated LeBron James for years before this, and I’ll still be hating him for years after you’ve lost interest. Sure enough, his otherworldy playoff performance this year and his appropriately contrite attitude towards his behavior in the 2010 offseason have diminished national LBJ hate, and all the fairweather haters are jumping ship. Not me.

Actually, the main reason “The Decision” resonated with me as a reason to further hate LeBron James was because of the team he chose to join; not because of what it said about him as a person or basketball player, but just because my rootless hate for the Heat is nearly as fervent as my rootless hate for LeBron. I hate their uniforms, I hate their stadium (on TV anyway), I hate their late-arriving fans, I hate the font the team name is written in on the court, and I hate hate hate hate HATE their announcer’s “twwwooooOOOOOO MINUTES! DOS! (MINUTOS!!!!!)” call towards the end of the period.

Oh, and I also hate Dwyane Wade. His commercials are even worse than LeBron’s. And I hate Chris Bosh too, though I try not to burn too many calories on that one. In a way, I guess I should be thanking the franchise and players for all assembling into one Death Star of NBA evil for me, and keeping it clean for the other 29 teams.

My LeBron James hate is the really inarguable point though. For reasons that are somewhat beyond me, throughout these Finals, one of my co-workers has continuously sent me articles written about LeBron’s playoff performance, which all have the headline or general conclusion of “Say what you will about LeBron James, but you have to appreciate what he’s doing these Finals.” My response to him has been the same each time: Fuck the Heat, fuck LeBron James, and fuck you for sending me this article. I will not be reasoned with on this matter, and how dare you even try. Do you see me trying to lay out convincing, statistically backed arguments as to why you shouldn’t love your parents? Not. Fucking. Interested.

It’s hard to properly put into words just how validating it had been over the last three postseasons to see LeBron James come up short for no apparent reason. Every single playoff series I’ve ever watched LeBron in, I have assumed he was going to win, because I hate him so much and because he is that good a basketball player. (This is one defense I will never use for my LBJ hate: at any point in the last five years if you had asked me who the best player in the league was, I would’ve answered LeBron, without hesitation. I think he’s underrated, if anything. But that’s all beyond irrelevent.) I have special places in my heart for the 2009 Magic, the 2010 Celtics and the 2011 Mavericks for continually delaying what seemed to be the inevitable, and all players from any are certainly welcome at my next birthday party for keeping the narrative of LeBron James, Professional Basketball Joker alive and on course.

Now that he’s won one, I realize just how fortunate I’ve been that it took this long. During Game 5 last night, my similarly LBJ-hating (though perhaps marginally less devoted to the cause) roommate said something to console himself like “Well … we knew he wasn’t going to go his entire career without winning one.” I made no such allowances. His ascension to the NBA throne seemed equally inevitable each of the last three seasons, never to materialize. The fact that he kept pulling up lame at these big moments, with no easy explanation as to how or why, led me to wonder if there was some higher power out there that agreed with me about his general suckiness, and would protect me from ever having to witness (no Nike) him actually winning a championship. I was grateful. Lord, I was grateful.

Now, I’m just sort of lost. In the past, when the Sixers — the NBA team that I actually wish positive things upon, or “root for” — were eliminated from the playoffs, which has traditionally been pretty early on, I always at least had the cause of rooting against LeBron James to keep me emotionally invested for the rest of the postseason. It just won’t be the same now. No matter what happens here out, with a championship ring to his credit, LeBron’s career is permanently validated, just as it was for one-time “chokers” Alex Rodriguez and Peyton Manning in their respective sports. You can still keep him out of the Jordan discussion if he doesn’t win many (or any) more, but there’s no doubting the resume now. LeBron James is one of the all-time greats. Harumph.

Still, I will keep the fire burning. No matter what LeBron does or where he goes from here on out, I will be there, praying for his downfall. I’ll be there next year, hoping the Heat’s title defense goes as miserably as it did back in 2007. My liver will pump bile for this man until the day he retires, and then I will hope that his celebrity car wash or whatever does poorly and that his stint as an NBA analyst quickly proves disastrous. The anti-LeBron bandwagon may be thinning, but I’m driving the damn thing, just as furiously as ever. You see me. Hi hater.

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  1. i hate the haters who try to argue with logic, but i respect the people who have hate for no good reason. as someone who hates derek jeter, i see a kindred spirit who i don’t understand but can’t fault.

    • I definitely feel the same. I’m only sports hate Derek Fisher, cause fuck that guy, but hate is irrational in 99% of circumstances. Most people haven’t actually earned any hate and it’s really on the hater, not the hatee. Only real criminals deserve hate.

    • this is a great point, you gotta respect a hater who just hates for the love of hating.

    • People who hate their parents usually have rational grounds for it. Parents are often stupid, cruel, negligent or abusive.
      I don’t respect anyone who hates obsessively and irrationally. I don’t see why people would think you should respect that.

    • PS — Unterberger can only hope LeBron fails. No one has to hope Unterberger fails, because he already has failed. What a psycho.

    • Haters Gonna Hate.

    • i dont understand how you can hate someone for no reason. its like you could say “danm i just hate this guy” during the whole playoffs but in the back of your mind you know how amazing it is to put 30,10,and 8.what im saying is thaa mpeople have the right to hate for no reason of course. but you also know that those hating will never be respected, will never ever ever ever win an arguement

  2. My thoughts exactly.

    • Why does Lebron keep his phone so close?
      Because it only rings once.

      • You got that wrong; you have to phrase it so that ring is a noun, as follows:

        “Why does Lebron keep his phone so close?
        Because there’s only one ring”

        There’s probably a better way to phrase it.

  3. You should replace LBJ with Apple, Android, MS, Nintendo and republish this on tons of other sites.

  4. Don’t forget to include Riley and Mourning when hatin’ on the Heat. And can we try to start to make the nickname ‘The Human Whistle’ stick for Dwayne Wade in honour of the foul calls? And can we just randomly hate Shaq whilst we’re at it?

  5. Well… your crazy and irrational but at least your honest.

  6. Cool, man. Irrational, unjustifiable hate is always cool. Are there other people you hate for no good reason? How about groups of people? Oh wait, that’s racism. And it’s not cool to just hate groups of people for no reason. I think it’s just as lame to hate a single person for no reason.
    I really enjoyed skimming through your article to see if your point was actually that you’re an asshole; turns out it was.

    • Hating groups of people for no reason isn’t racism – talk about illogical leaps of no common sense to manufacture your point.

      • Hating groups of people for no reason is ok, while hating them because of their skin colour(or other similar reasons based on racial differences) is not? Where’s your logic at?

        • I wasn’t saying that unreasoned hate is logical, but that it’s illogical to claim that hating groups of people for no reason is always racism.

          • Hang on, meant to post that above, ignore this post ^!

          • Holly s, what’s up with my posting – ignore all posts by me!

          • Anyone with the name 3dee is obviously a retard. Andrew is a black guy you moron.

          • So.. Ryan, your saying that Nazis were not racist towards jews, because they are all white? Irrational hate being towards one or many is always a dangerous feeling, socially speaking, this post IS sad. Ugly. Irrational. And that’s just dangerous. Now if you want to defend your friend, it’s ok. But you should know what you are defending.

    • Prejudice involves generalizations of people of a certain group. Not liking teams in sports is completely different and I don’t see why you would watch any sport if you didn’t understand the difference.

    • probably the only one on here that makes any sense. i cant even give him credit for being objective towards his ability, that was unbelievable tripe. this is homer journalism, trying to get traffic by being outrageous. skip bay less

    • You missed the point, idiot; he hates Lebron because of his stupid face.

      I hate stupid-faced people as well, though I don’t find Lebron’s face stupid.

      I suspect that you might have stupid-face.

  7. He plays the right way. He is an unselfish superstar who makes his whole team better. That makes him more enjoyable for me to watch than Jordan or Bryant were in their dominant years.

    There are a few guys in sports that are such horrible people that they probably should be judged by what they do outside of sports rather than in the game. Guys that beat their wives or torture dogs or what have you. If a guys biggest crime is having a bit of an ego, he probably wont be my favorite player, but it wont get in the way of me enjoying his play. And frankly, what Lebron does on the court means a lot more to me than the off-court stuff that is over-analyzed during the 24 hour news cycle.

    • Their are way mote players in the league who are better then Kenton is a product of media and fanfare don’t ever mention him with the likes of Kobe or Jordan they stayed with their teams and earned their right to be top players!

      • Sorry for the misspelled words dam phone! But I meant lebron not kenton

        • The bigger problem than you misspelling words is that you’re hugely stupid and probably should never talk about basketball. LeBron in his prime>Kobe in his prime.

      • are you talking about kobe, the guy who was originally drafted by the charlotte hornets? or kobe, the guy who requested a trade away from the lakers, but ultimately nixed a trade to the bulls because he thought the team wouldn’t be good enough without luol deng on it?

        • Or the Kobe that feuded with Shaq, an all-time HOF center, that could have won him more than 3 rings if he wasn’t such a child. (Lebron would NOT have feuded the way Kobe did)

          Or the Kobe that wanted Bynum out, or the Kobe that is probably the 2nd worst teammate in the history of the game (behind MJ)?

          Or the Kobe that had rape charges against him?

          • Ric can suck a dick. Don’t put Kobe or Lebron even in the breath, thought, sentence, genre, category, or suggestion as Michael mother fucking Jordan. Check the stats scrub.

    • I’m contemplating your statements…….
      1.Either you’re excessively close minded

      2.drunk on the Miami Heat(LaBron James) Kool Aid

      3. you are a complete buffoon with out a minuscule amount of sports knowledge

      • the comments laid fourth in my previous post were directed at the tool bag who was commenting on Lebron being better than MJ or Kobe. Lebron is my new Larry Bird, but Bird was a team player so at least I can respect him.

        • Thank you for sharing all that “sports knowledge.” It looks like vague opinions and insults, but it must actually be “sports knowledge.” My mistake.

          I said I enjoy watching him play more than I enjoyed watching Kobe or Jordan play because of his willingness to pass and the joy he takes in doing so. I didn’t say anything about him being better or worse.

          It helps when “contemplating statements” to read the actual statements. Makes rebuttals like “you are a complete buffoon” less ironic.

  8. A buddy of mine sent me a pic of lebron with the headline “need new hater, the old ones are starting to like me.”. I thought that was the stupidest thing ever. If anything, I hate lebron & the miami heat and their referees even more now. Ps, I’m riding shot gun wit ya bro, let me know when its my turn to drive.

  9. I feel the exact same way I could not have said it better myself

  10. This article is depressing and disgusting at the same time.

  11. You the type of hater that basks in hater juice. Looks like you drowning in it, I’m glad Lebron has you on the payroll because his success fuels your waste of hate!

  12. its sad you state you hate someone for no reason, i believe their is a reason and you hate him because you would love to.be lebron james… sad sad sad..

  13. Everything you said is silly except on that Heat two minute announcement. That is the worst shit ever.

  14. My side was split open after I keeled over in laughter. It was as if I was never able to point my finger at why so much hatred, but this gives me piece of mind. Bravo Andrew. Bravo .

  15. who is this dumb whiteboy?

  16. might just get a pulitzer for this you bottom feeding cretin. james all day.

  17. I understand the irrational dislike of somebody (I personally dislike Tony Parker for no good reason) but hating someone irrationally is taking it overboard. We humans are so flawed. Someone has already made this point earlier in the comments-hate should be reserved for criminals.

  18. Can’t we all ….just get alone ?! O_o

  19. am I the only one that see the irony in this piece? It got to me when he started with heat hare stuff…

    But if it is not, it has no place in this otherwise excellent blog

  20. I didnt think there was a more negative an uninteresting writer than Stephen A. Smith until now. Congrats.

  21. It’s only fitting that this article would be received with irrational hatred. Did people even read it? It’s not about logic or “how can you say he’s not a great player”, it’s about hating for the fun of it.

    The very concept of “rooting for your clothes to beat the clothes from another city” is highly irrational. but it’s sports fandom. the look-down-your-nose-towards-LeBron-haters crowd is frankly way more insufferable than the unjustified, hate-because-ESPN-told-me-to hater ever was.

    sometimes it’s just fun to pick a player or team to hate for arbitrary reasons.

  22. Which is exactly why your hate is not only comical to rational people, but actually fulfilling in a sense because there are few greater pleasures than relishing someone else’s sour grapes. Thank you for being a dipshit.


    I’m going to find that announcer and beat him up.

  24. I don’t like me-first isolation basketball and I’m not a fan of dribbling away the shot clock at the half court line in every situation possible. I don’t like when players stuff the stat sheet by playing every position and then yelling at other teammates when they make a bad decision during their limited time with the ball. Off-the-court, yes, he has an ego and is a bit of an a-hole. Not the worst by far, but there it is. Anyway, these are the legitimate reasons I am not a LeBron fan. I do not take away from his talent or accomplishments, but there is no law that says I have to like players because they are successful.

    Oh, and fuck the Heat as a whole. (The ’06 Finals and Wade’s attitude shift after that are my justification.) In conclusion, I will continue to dislike them all, regardless of their achievements. No bandwagoning. Just legit hate.

  25. Hate all u want u fucking pathetic losers, u guys waste ur time hating on others that r much better than them, jealousy destroys. Everyone is just envious of our city and team. Fuck all of u and respect the best player and team in the NBA cuz we r the CHAMPIONS! And it feels soooooo good to prove all u hatred wrong. Use ur time wisely and worry about ur teams instead of wishing failure for others.

    • Me as a hater and you as fan are in the same fucking boat you dumb fucking faggot lol. I get the same out of the heat winning as you do, which nothing. Unless I’m missing something and Lebron’s coming over later to hang out with you and give you your own personal ring haha.

  26. Miami heat 2012 champions, u all just jealous of lebron.

  27. Your just an assclown! Your parents must have been assclowns too!

  28. Sounds like you got a case of LeBron envey.

  29. Kobe allegedly raped a girl. Mike Tyson is a convicted rapist who went to jail. Funny how LeBron is more hated than both of them.

  30. Disliking teams and players in sports is not supposed to be a rational analysis of who played the best – otherwise everyone would be happy every time anyone won and what would be the purpose of sports?

    I don’t like the Heat, I don’t like the Lakers, I don’t like the Nets, etc.

    Some of it can be explained with examples, but sometimes you just don’t like people. “Hate” is a strong word, but obviously it’s being used lightly here.

  31. It’s difficult to tell if you are being genuine or satirical. If the latter, kudos on confronting people with their irrational beliefs, but your delivery leaves something to be desired since the message is too subtle largely due to the lack of humour. If the former, a) your irrationality has apparently led you to mistakenly believe that other people would or should care and b) it’s shameful and disgusting how proud you are of spreading irrational, destructive negativity in the world.

    • Well said Bodhi. I could be wrong, but I think it’s the former.

      On Basketball: I love this game, I respect it. No man wins a team game on his own, he must be prepared to sacrifice. TEAM. That’s what it’s about.

      On hate: I’ve met many people in life that I don’t like, or have even disliked, I’ve had people do shitty things that have negatively impacted my life, yet I still don’t hate any of them. Why waste Chi on something completely anti-productive? Hate breeds hate. It is irrational & can only be destructive. Enrich your souls people, get over the petty hatred of irrelevant things & enjoy life, enjoy the success of others. If you can’t manage that, you may never fill your vessels. Peace.

  32. I hate Lebron and I got a good reason: because I know he is the same LBJ who quit on his Cavs in the playoffs. Pls, don’t tell me the Cavs ain’t got a good enough supporting cast. That team was one of the best in the league and they failed to capture the prize because LBJ failed to execute down the stretch, failed to make sound decision. And really even if his team really sucked as a Cleveland native should you give up so easily? Paul Pierce grew up hating the Celtics but he never whined when the Celtics were laughing stocks. It’s amazing how forgetful people are. And now they chose to believe he will be among the best just because he wins one ring in Miami. I’m sorry, you’re suppose to a ring every year with that kind of caliber. Seriously how valuable are you really when you can only win with superstars beside you? Wake up, people!

    • lol @ you. His Cleveland supporting cast was so good they finished with the worst record once LeBron left. Give up so easily? He spent roughly half his career with Cleveland. Seven years is a long time. Paul Pierce is very much in the minority. Kobe griped and asked for a trade; Garnett is on record as regretting his decision to stay with Minnesota for so long; as carefree as Dwight Howard is, he is ridiculously unhappy with Orlando – and they are not alone. LeBron is in a ridiculous no-win situation with fans like you: if he wins, he was supposed to; if he loses, he gets ridiculed like no tomorrow.

      It’s all good though. Ignorance is bliss, apparently.

      • LeBron is in a ridiculous no-win situation because he puts himself into one. Had it not been the decision or the lack of effort in his last Cavs playoff series, I would have nothing against LeBron. In your argument, you’ve never mentioned these two facts and it’s quite apparent it’s something that would make you case a lot less persuasive. And what about that championship parade before winning anything when they just got to Miami? And sure, Kobe asked for a trade, but did he end up leaving? Yes, Garnett might have regretted for staying at Minnesota for too long and Dwight Howard might be a bitch but neither of them has put on any one hour special for something that takes 10 minutes.

        It’s all good though. Ass-kissing is a bliss, apparently.

  33. worthwhile article

  34. I pity this fool.

  35. This is what’s wrong with Society. The article writer hates Lebron James…for nothing. Nothing. Lebron has never broken the law, His show gave millions to a charity. Yet he loves Kobe…a man accused of Rape, he paid the young lady off etc.

    You haters need to get your morals straight, Lebron is a humble man. Yeah he dances, who cares..you hate everyone who dances too? He’s being himself. He’s human. Horrible article

  36. while hate is admittedly a strong word, I find comfort in the fact that someone feels the same as i do (or similar, that is).
    arguing the fact that you dislike some people sometimes for no reason is super dumb – sometimes you just do. it’s human. we don’t like everybody the same. great to hear someone just admitting it. thank you

    • There is always a reason. A lot of people are afraid to confront that because it sometimes says things they dislike about themselves.

  37. My hate for other teams or players usually stems from them beating my team or winning too much or being arrogant or whatever. I hated the Lakers in the 2000s, I hated the Pistons after that but when LA and Detroit played in the finals I wanted Detroit to kick LAs ass. I used to like Lebron, I used to defend him against Kobe, I used to root for him to beat the Pistons and he finally did it one year. I wanted the Cavs to beat the Celtics in 08, just because they are an underdog team with no history. I hated how Miami won its first championship by way of referee and hate how they won it that way this year as well. When Lebron made his “decision” thats when I started hating him. He didn’t want to compete for a championship, he didnt want to be the underdog fighting for a title. He wanted to join a bunch of other superstars and be the favorites. Hes still an awesome player but I will never respect anything he does alongside 2 other superstars including a former finals MVP that he decided he had to play alongside to have any chance. He needed to be the unquestioned leader of a team that won a championship to be an “all time” great and he clearly is not. He wanted to play on a better team than Cleveland, totally understandable, he wanted “better” help, totally agree, but in the end he just wanted an “easy” championship(s) and that I cannot nor will ever respect.

    • When I use the term “hate” I just mean root against or don’t respect. It doesn’t mean I’m seething with anger. I don’t care that much, its just sports and you have no control over what happens. But I did enjoy watching Miami lose last year, I think I only watched significant portions of game 2 and game 6 because I just figured Miami would win but they didn’t and I was pleased with that outcome. I watched this year and saw how the refs screwed OKC, namely Kevin Durant in games 2 and 3 nearly fouling him out, then watched as they screwed over Westbrook by never giving him any calls until the 4th quarter after he scored 80% of his points (34 out of his 43 until he took his first foul shot in the entire game). That was it for me, I didnt watch 1 second of game 5, because fuck Miami and their referees.

    • Hilariously, one thing that seems to completely elude you is LeBron is already the unquestioned leader of this Miami Heat team. Everybody thought it’d be Wade’s team, but Wade has already taken a step back and he has admitted as much.

  38. One ring, now he is even with JJ Barea, and Barea get it first.

  39. I never liked Lebron, but real men give props when props are due.

    Why is TBJ even posting this amateur’s stuff?

  40. HAHAHAHAHA Soo much butthurt from this guy. How is this assclown still employed by The Score?

  41. Most obvious things to take away from this article and its comments.

    1. Dude hates LBJ, he seems kinda whack, but then not as whack since I abjectly detest the Yankees, Red Sox, Lakers, and baseball Giants franchises and their fans for no reason.

    2.Far too many people who comment on the TBJ site are woefully versed in the finer points of English spelling or grammar. I will hate on people who look like idiots all day. Any and all of your points become moot when you can’t figure out which form of there/their/they’re (et cet.) you should be using. Cheers.

  42. So let me get this straight……you hate a once-in-a-generation talent? Do you even like basketball or do you just like Kobe? I’m gonna guess the latter. Is your fondness of Kobe talent based are something slightly gayer? I’m gonna guess the latter

  43. This article is such a piece of shit as the author smells like shit and dead rat

  44. You’re just an angry person. That’s all. You don’t even need a logic to hate somebody like that. You must be miserable in your life and need to focus your hate to a public person. That’s all. All Lebron James haters are like this, unforgiving miserable narrow-minded haters. Or I would rather think you just portrait a typical mindless Lebron James Hater that nobody should take serious and care. The real gold will shine and the real heart will shine. Lebron is not perfect, and he made some mistakes as a young superstar, but he learned his lesson and he changed. He deserves his champion and his greatness.

  45. I’m disappointed that TBJ thinks it’s cool to publish this garbage.

  46. Most of you guys are idiots if you don’t realize this is written with the authors tounge planted firmly in his cheek. And yes I share some of his hate for Lebron, but I hate Wade more. Lebron is the best player in the league and has been for awhile now, but that doesn’t mean I have to like him. I’ve hated Bird, Magic, and Kareem too but that doesn’t mean I didn’t respect their game……Let people hate whatever players they want, it doesn’t hurt anyone in the long run, and it makes the games more fun.

  47. you say you refuse to take anything away from the Finals but you say because he won it he’s already an all time great, he’s knocking on Jordan’s door, he’s justified moving, it makes you sick waking up in the morning every day because of it. sounds like you’ve taken plenty away from the Finals

  48. These comments are the best. So much confusing/misplaced rage.

  49. I am a ‘hater’ of this article. Move on man, everyone else has.

  50. I personaly really hate Melo, the Knicks and New York in general

  51. I understand exactly what you mean and stand in solidarity with your continued hate of LBJ.

    But I think it’s a false concession to call LBJ hate baseless and irrational. It’s not.

    Not to get too pop-psychological, but I think my hate for LeBron James stems partially from the following:

    He has not had to really work for any of this. He is the Wilt Chamberlain of his era- a different species of physical being than his competitors. The prime source of his greatness- and the totality of his real advantage- are his genetics, which allow him to combine size, speed, strength, athleticism, reflex and vision in a way that the sport has never seen before.

    This is not to say that LeBron is lazy- he isn’t, I don’t think. But neither has he earned or acquired any of the things that make him great. His greatness came pre-loaded out of the box. NBA conditioning has slowly galvanized him into even more of a physical beast, but, really, he came to us this way. The much reported mental aspect has been the one piece lacking.

    Really. Look at LeBron’s game and tell me what he would be were he smaller, weaker, slower, shorter (which is to say, give him the body of an average NBA Small Forward. Say, Trevor Ariza.) If James were to give up all his freakish physical advantages, he would not be an extraordinary player. His jump shot is still herky-jerky. His footwork is pedestrian. He might still be a great passer, but without the height/hops to see over defenders, who knows? Take away his speed and he’s cumbersome. Take away any of his height or elevation and his jump shot is compromised. Give him a less Mack-Truck like physical frame and he no longer absorbs contact the way he does.

    Hypotheticals, all, but a no less relevant litmus test. Put LeBron in a commonplace NBA body and it’d be over.

    The same cannot be said of other great players. Kobe Bryant has been a scientist in his pursuit of improvement, perfecting textbook jumpshot form while still a teenager and developing the best post footwork the league has ever seen in a guard. If you were to apply that same test to Kobe (which is to say, put him in an average NBA body at his position), he would be nearly as effective as he is now.

    Even the other genetic freak-type players (Magic, Jordan) worked on adding/improving elements of their game season to season. LeBron is more physically gifted than either of those guys, yet he comes back season after season as the same lightning-fast, muscle-bound freight train we’ve always known, no more, no less. Despite his newly won championship, LeBron is closer to the Karl Malone of his generation than anything. Freakishly consistent, but woefully stagnant.

    As a hater, my consolation is that even HIS body will eventually break down. He’ll lose a step or a few inches of his vertical. When that happens, what will he have to fall back on? The drop-off for LeBron once the athleticism goes will be steep indeed.

    It’s silly to get TOO worked up over it, because ALL professional ballplayers are genetic lottery winners. But nobody has been bestowed with as many gifts as LeBron, and, as Andrew says, he seems not to understand that with great power comes great responsibility. That means you don’t rip the heart out of your hometown’s franchise in such a way that they may never recover in your lifetime. You don’t join the player who SHOULD, by all rights, be your mortal generational enemy, to collude for easy titles. You don’t spend your downtime and summers partying with models and basking in reflexive praise from your entourage- you spend it alone in the gym. THAT is the core of why I hate LeBron. He doesn’t know what he is- possibly the perfect NBA player- or if he does know, doesn’t seem to understand what that means.

    The things that kill me about LeBron were the same things that killed me about Shaquille O’Neal. He chose to squander a facility that could have put him at the top of the pantheon. Did he end with a first-ballot HOF career? Sure. So will LeBron. But I cannot respect somebody that does not fully steward and respect his own divine gift.

    Now, the arbitrary thing is why we hate LBJ for all those reasons yet forgive, say, Kobe Bryant for all of his myriad failings (which I seem to not care about.) We’re just wired the way we are and place value on certain qualities over others, and for us, that makes Kobe (the focused, dedicated, walk-bleeding-into-hell warhorse who’s also a dead-eyed sociopath) more endearing to us than LeBron (the expansive, magnanimous, physically perfect, game-evolving, hyperdominant, do-everything force who’s also a clueless, distracted manchild surrounded by sycophants and yes-men)

    • I just want to say to all the haters, wow your life must be horrible that you hate a black man that came from nothing and used his God given talent to play a sport exceptionally well. (that few have done since its inception). To say that he hasn’t worked for what he has accomplished because he was given these physical attributes is ridiculous as your hatred. There are hundreds of players who have the physical attributes and squander it with bad attitudes, laziness or inability to have a mind for the mind. I can’t believe that any of you that hate Lebron are black men, you must be white and using your hatred of someone you don’t know for whatever reason to hide your blatant rascism!

      A black man that is a kind, caring and loving friend, son, father and husband to be. A man that doesn’t do drugs, doesn’t beat women, doesn’t committ crimes, doesn’t disrespect people, and has a great love for his craft and his friends and people in general. I feel sorry for you that you can’t actually find criminals, rapist, child molesters, killers to hate and write about.
      I will pray that you see the vile hatred that you are spewing out, is really not hatred of Lebron but actual self loathing, jealousy and/or maybe even rascism! When does hatred do any good for anyone-especially society!

  52. I’m never going to understand LBJ (greatest player of this generation, plays the game the right way, classy on the court even if he’s made some mistakes off of it) hate (nor the Kobe haters, yeah, he’s a bit overrated, get over it haters, Kobe is hilarious and an enjoyable interview still one of the greatest ever players), but I am 100% with you on hating the announcer for the Heat. That guy is the most annoying, intolerable, corny, uninteresting, loud, and unoriginal announcer in the NBA. It is absolutely detestable every single time he says one of the players’ names when they score, because he says it the same way every time and takes many times longer than any other announcer in the league. kuh-RISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS BOSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH with the awkward held S sound in Chris and Shh sound in Bosh. It’s awful. It’s like nails on a chalkboard.

  53. just read most of the comments, am I really the only one who find this article humorous?

    I know it’s not exactly intended to be a joke piece or anything, like I’m positive that Andrew Unterberger absolutely hate Lebron and not at all kidding, but this article was actually pretty hilarious and written with a very self-aware acknowledgement of the ridiculous notion that is hating a professional athlete.

  54. Yyyeah even in a poor attempt at humor (like this one) I don’t tolerate this kind of bullshit. Too many people have been put down, abused and killed in the name of unreasonable hate excused as some kind of cute little novelty. If there was some satirical slant or some kind of bigger point you were making I’d understand, but this doesn’t serve anybody in any way. I’m frankly surprised TBJ okayed this….

  55. The bobcats are a great team. Here’s to a championship in year 2643.

  56. Why do u clowns hate. Look in the mirror and start hating on that ugly fool that you see.

  57. I too am an LBJ hater. I console myself concerning his championship win by denouncing this season. It was a lockout season, not even a full one. So get ur ring this yr Lebron it doesn’t matter. Miami Heat winning the 2012 Championship will always have an asterisk (*). It wasn’t a real season :)

  58. well you might as well hate me because i am black man myself and to have the heart to get online and express yourself that way makes you look like a little bitch hiding in a closet the man has skills and talent.and he is not trying to be no one but himself but you hate him because he is black rich and can play basketball but being a hater just makes you another sick member of this worldwide group that was her before you were even born sometimes it just kills a white man that he was not born black. get a fucking life and quit acting like some stuck up ass teenage girl. later””

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