Your wedding is supposed to be the most special day of your life, a day you’ll remember forever even though the actual day goes by in about 12 seconds. That feeling of time flying by is the reason you spend so much money on a photographer, I’m convinced, so that you can actually remember what happened when you’re old. Otherwise, just you a cell phone, am I right? (Probably not.)

But anyways, pictures are important at weddings, especially if you’re like this Miami couple who lucked in to having a three-time MVP who just won his first championship stroll by and end up taking pictures on your big day. From the Huffington Post:

It would be tough to upstage a bride as pretty as Jamie Kolnick, but the glowing Heat fan met her match Saturday in Miami’s freshly crowned narrative-slayer, LeBron James.

The NBA champion of all of two days happened to be meeting a Sports Illustrated reporter at the Ritz Carlton Coconut Grove just before Kolnick tied the knot on the property, and the Miami native and new husband Shaun were able to snag the pre-wedding snap of a lifetime — never mind that eager onlookers uploaded cell phone photos of the bride to Facebook before she’d even walked down the aisle.

“I was like, ‘Who cares? It’s a photo with LeBron!’ It was really unexpected and exciting,” said Kolnick. “Shaun was like, ‘That’s enough! We don’t need to get married anymore.’” [...]

“It was funny, because the bride’s brother was just dying, he was beside himself with excitement,” [wedding planner Jen] Schwartz said, laughing. “And at some point, she looked at him and said, ‘Okay, you’re more excited that LeBron James is here than you are for my wedding!’”

I am going to go out on a limb and guess that the husband and the bride’s brother get along pretty well. Between the “We don’t need to get married anymore” comment and the bride getting mad that her brother is more excited to see LeBron than to see her get married, they seem like they probably like high-fiving about sports quite a bit. Seems like a couple of chill bros.

And hey, lucky for this guy, what he is now obligated to say is the best day of his life is for sure the best day of his life. It’s pretty obvious he’s a big Heat fan and meeting LeBron James on your wedding day is like the icing on your wedding cake in that it is VERY sweet and there is probably too much of it. If you’re a basketball fan, taking a wedding picture with your favorite team’s best player is a pretty great gift. Way better than a crystal serving dish of some sort.

The bad part, of course, is that it’s all downhill from here. I can’t imagine this couple is going to run in to LeBron James on their wedding day very often, even if they pull a Doug Christie and renew their vows with a full-on ceremony every year. I don’t want to say they’ve peaked as a couple, but that’s pretty hard to beat.