The Miami Heat are reigning NBA champions, basically beating the Thunder in every conceivable fashion on their way to the franchise’s second title. They were better on offense, better on defense and better at getting random huge performances from guys you’d never expect to score a bunch of points in an NBA Finals game, while also better at having the best player in the series. In just about every way, they Heat were better. Ergo, champs.

However, it wasn’t just the Heat being better that lost the Thunder the title. It was also a long-standing beef betwixt Kevin Durant and one of the worst rappers in the world, Lil B. This comes from May 2011 and it is probably the main reason the Oklahoma City Thunder finished in second place this season.

Even though Kevin Durant is totally right and Lil B is super wack, this seems like a legitimate cause for why the Thunder have failed to win a title in every season since Lil B placed the curse. After all, the Chicago Cubs haven’t won a title in 105 years, largely because they didn’t let a goat attend a game at Wrigley Field once upon a time.

That’s why this is REALLY good news.

Good news, Thunder fans. “The Basedgods Curse,” which you probably didn’t even know was the sole reason why you lost the NBA finals, has finally been lifted after a long and arduous 13 months. Next year should be a far easier go of things, without all that pesky curse stuff in the way.

Congratulations to the Thunder on winning the 2013 NBA championship. You finally did it.

(via Complex)