The NBA season is over, which means the New Jersey Nets are now officially the Brooklyn Nets. With that change comes a lot of stuff — new uniforms which we haven’t yet seen, a new arena which hasn’t yet been opened, new players who we’re not sure who they are and, most likely, the same old terrible record. No matter how much things change, they still stay the same.

Another new thing we’re sure to be seeing, however, is a new Nets mascot — great news for those of us who don’t even know what the Nets’ current mascot is. And according to the New York Post, it’s going to be extra super hero-y.

Get ready to meet the Brooklyn Knight, defender and supporter of all things Nets.

Captain Brooklyn or the Brooklyn Decker or Brooky the Bridge apparently didn’t cut it for the Brooklyn Nets’ new mascot which has been developed through the help of the folks at Marvel Comics, industry and team sources said. The new mascot is said to have a knight’s theme and will replace Sly Fox, who like many in the team’s New Jersey fan base will not be making the trek across two rivers to the Barclays Center. It is not known exactly when the Nets will showcase their new mascot. [...]

And so a new mascot follows. The Nets, who have the NBA’s most devout comic book fanatic in center Brook Lopez, sought advice and designs from the brain trust at Marvel Comics where the likes of Captain America, Spider-Man, the Incredible Hulk and Iron Man were born.

Upon hearing the news that Marvel Comics were behind the Brooklyn Knight, Brook Lopez probably said, “For real? Like, for real for real? Duuuuude, that’s so AWESOME. I’m a huge Marvel guy, like, obviously. No disrespect to DC or whatever, cuz like, Superman and Batman and Lagoon Boy and Red Panzer, no doy, so they’re still cool with me no doubt. But Marvel, man. Marvel is, like, the best. I’m beyond stoked, bros. Gonna celebrate with mad avocados.”

Brook Lopez’s glowing review notwithstanding, this is going to be good. A knight has just as little connection to the Nets as a fox did, so that’s no matter. But the fact that a reputable comic book team is behind the design of this thing means they’ll probably end up with a decent mascot, unlike Minnesota’s ratty Crunch the Wolf,  the very generic Rufus Lynx of the Bobcats or the Kings’ Slamson the Lion, who I am pretty sure is just wearing tan sweats under his jersey. Having Marvel head things up is a really good idea.

At the very least, it’s smarter than letting Jay-Z design the mascot. If it’s anything like what he did for the logo, the Nets would have ended up with a 3-D stick figure who carries a sword made of two 2×4′s stuck together with some gum.

(via I Am a GM)