When your basketball reputation is built on preparation and solid but unspectacular defense, it’s probably hard for a shoe company to create a commercial for you. Film-watching montages don’t sell shoes, as the saying I just made up goes.

Lucky for Peak, Shane Battier blocked 33 shots this season, good for one every other game. That doesn’t sound like much, because it’s not, but it’s still better than an ad where Shane Battier puts his hand in a guy’s face without touching it, which is still more creepy than anything.

Then again, you throw a shoe on that hand and we’re talking internet gold. Consider this a missed opportunity, Peaksters.

Comments (4)

  1. I was not expecting an XX backing to this

  2. 00:17 great job defending #21 duncam

  3. I was expecting an endorsement from The Shoe Safety Institute. It would have been oh so Shane.

  4. Thanks for posting the video! I directed this piece about a year ago, but only now was allowed to put it up. Hope everyone enjoys!

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