As we all know, Deron Williams is a free agent and the Nets desperately want to keep him. Without Deron, the Nets are even worse than they were last season, when they won a third of their games. Not to mention, keeping Deron is the only way the Nets have a chance of getting Dwight Howard to agree to a trade to the Nets, the team is headed to a new city where they need a marketable star, and they have traded all of their valuable assets in an effort to keep the All-Star point guard. That’s a lot of eggs in the Deron Wiliams basket, which might be headed to Dallas despite all that effort.

That’s why the team is pulling out all the stops, including sending that message you see up top to Williams’ house as a way to say, “Hey man, we’re still thinking of you and really want you to re-sign. Like really really. Big-time. Please please please. Also, happy birthday.” The family part is a nice touch, though I imagine Deron probably doesn’t spend a whole bunch of time bro-ing down with Billy King and Johan Petro.

However, as The Basketball Jones has found out, that sign isn’t the only one that the Nets considered. What follows are a few additional greetings that the Nets came up with during a huge brainstorming session.

As you can see, this was quite the process for the Nets. I probably would have went with the Prokhorov one, but I can see why they’d try an appeal to Deron’s emotional side. Anything to nullify Dallas’ hometown edge.

Who knows if this will work. At the very least, he’ll have a nice backdrop for when he Instagrams a picture of all his birthday gifts. Plus, if you’d like to come up with a better idea by using this blank sign then posting a link in the comments, I’d be totally fine with that. The Nets need as much help as they can get. Have at it.