Yesterday we saw how the Brooklyn Nets left a giant birthday billboard outside Deron Williams’ door, just to say happy birthday and maybe remind him that everyone involved with the Nets loved him and maybe it would be cool if he signed with them but mostly just happy birthday. It was very nice of them, remembering his birthday like that.

Not wanting to be upstaged, some Dallas Mavericks fans — I am guessing that fans paid for this, but I guess it could be the team, as I don’t have the payment records — paid for a birthday message at last night’s Texas Rangers game to the man they’re hoping will be their future point guard. Whoever made the call settled on a very direct “Be a Maverick!,” but through some clever sleuthing, we were able to dig up some of the other ideas they had.

Once again, I think the birthday wish sender made the right call, though I think making the “Dirk Nowitzki is still way better than Brook Lopez” point would work pretty well. Nonetheless, this has to be Deron Williams’ best birthday, what with all the wishes from all these different cities. He must feel very special.

And again, if you want to get in on the Deron Williams birthday fun, here’s a blank version of this sign. Better hurry up, though — don’t want him to accidentally sign somewhere before you can send him your best.