If these past playoffs taught us anything, it’s that dressing fancy is the best way to get noticed in the NBA. Sure, you could dominate a game, score 40-something points or hit a ton of threes, but it’s way easier to wear a zany shirt or some glasses without lenses. That’s what really gets the people talking.

And that’s why we shouldn’t be surprised that Chris Paul has so many watches, which we’re not. The surprising part, however, is that he travels with so many at all times. From Maxim:

How many watches are in your collection?
That’s hard to say because I have so many kinds: G-Shock, sports watches, Jordan watches. But luxury watches, I have 12 that I take everywhere I go.

Why bring them all?
Because I just never know where I’ll be going or what I’ll be wearing.

I don’t know why anyone would ever need to travel with a dozen luxury watches, but I guess Chris Paul does. We all know looking good is important in the NBA and it seems that even extends to the wrists. 12 different luxury watches, though, seems hilarious because it makes you wonder how many outfits Chris Paul travels with. Watches can’t look that different, so you have to imagine he’s making decisions based on tiny things that correlate to what he has in his wardrobe.

This just seems like a waste of space though. Affording a dozen luxury watches is no big deal for a guy that makes $16 million a year, but even multimillionaires run out of space in their suitcases. Yeah, he can just buy a special watch suitcase, but that makes things such a hassle. 12 watches can’t take up a ton of room, but it’s still 12 watches worth — and you don’t want them to get scratched — and I’m guessing they’re sort of heavy. It just seems impractical.

All that being said, at least we know Chris Paul should always be on time. He literally has no excuse for not knowing what time it is. He could lose 11 watches and still be good. Heck, I’m guessing he could lose all 12 and it wouldn’t matter because it’s 2012 and his cell phone surely has the time on it. If he’s ever late for anything, don’t believe a word he says.

(via Hooped Up)