If Luigi would have come out of school after his freshman year, he might have been the first overall, what with his ability to hover jump as displayed in “Super Mario 2.” But once schools realized that his height shrunk back down to normal if you touched him. Now he’s a medical red flag and is plumberetting down draft boards. Tragic turn of events.

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(via SB Nation)

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  1. That is a total shame. Luigi is such a damn good team player.

  2. Love it. Best part was clearly the second Pick. Jordan wants someone he can trust. So he drafts a younge version of him self.

    Screamin A is actually entertaining in this one.

  3. Can you imagine if Sacto picked Soda Pop Insky instead? What a frontcourt that would’ve been….

  4. why stephen a, why him? bwwaaaaahhhhhhh

  5. Peach is a beast down low, its like she just floats in the air to get rebounds and easy alley oops.

  6. Yoshi should have gone #1. He’s got the flutter jump.

  7. I enjoyed this. Bravo :)

  8. Mega Man should’ve changed to Cavs colours when he got the hat (I mean, c’mon, that’s the easiest gag in the world!).

    Other than that, great stuff. Although I’d have gone with the two-sport selection of skinny guy from Ice Hockey because, well… WINGSPAN!

  9. I can totally picture Stephen A Smith saying all this stuff. Especially with the Kings’ pick. haha

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