Do you ever wonder how you would celebrate an NBA title? Probably not often, but maybe sometimes. Maybe you’ve just had passing thoughts like, “That would be so awesome. I’d just RAGE” or something like that. Maybe you think you just want to be with your family. I don’t know. It’s something to consider.

One thing that I do know is that if I won an NBA title, I’d celebrate it exactly like Chris Bosh did. From an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, as transcribed by the South Florida Sun Sentinel:

“We went to Taco Bell right after,” Bosh said.

Chris Bosh at Taco Bell on championship night?

“They didn’t see me,” he said.

From there, it was on to Club LIV .

“I didn’t go into the party with the chalupa,” he acknowledged. “I think all of Miami was in that club.”

So wild times?

“I’m not going to lie,” he said. “I didn’t really enjoy it. I was tired.

“It’s funny how you age so fast in the NBA. If you’re 21, it’s cool.”

Eventually, he decided enough was enough.

“I was like, ‘Man, I want to go home. The sun’s coming up. I had Taco Bell. I’m full,’ ” he said.

So yeah, Chris Bosh went to Taco Bell for FourthMeal immediately after winning his first NBA championship, then went to a club and got drowsy from eating too many chalupas. That is pretty much the best celebration you can imagine, and it makes me feel like we’ve all celebrated some NBA titles. Sure, some people think Taco Bell is super gross — and they’re right — but it’s still delicious and would be one of the most hilarious places to accidentally run in to Chris Bosh. He seems like a chill bro, so I’m sure he’d split a 10-pack of softies with you.

As if Chris Bosh’s postseason image rehabilitation wasn’t going perfectly before, now we found out he went to Taco Bell. Thumbs up to this guy.

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  1. Funny story but it makes sense. When I played sports in school, we had these gnarly restricted diets when we were in the playoffs. Once the offseason hit, we shut down junk food places. After finally ending his season, Bosh just ended his diet like any of us would, with some FourthMeal

  2. His pattern of running for the border to get something fast and easy is disturbing.

  3. Chris Bosh is going to be joining the TBJ Hall of Fame soon. He’s the lovable gif(t) that just keeps on giving.

  4. Chris Bosh celebrated his first NBA Championship with the finest hispanic food Miami has to offer.

    • Naaah, dude, that is just unfair.

      Fuck, I’m french and one of the best meals of my life was in a cuban restaurant in Miami…. And I only spent 2 days there….

      So, no….

      • I’m going to have to agree with Breyzh. Saying that Taco Bell is the best Mexican restaurant in Miami is absurd. In fact, if one were to compose a joke about how good the Mexican food in Miami is or, I suppose, about how bad Taco Bell is, one might invoke a similar absurdity. Though if one were composing that joke for the internet medium, it might be necessary to make it clear, somehow, that said absurdity was intentional. Otherwise some reader might unwittingly read it as a serious indictment of Miami’s (excellent) Hispanic cuisine. Sorry, donttasemebro, but you are just plain wrong.

  5. Brave man, going to Taco Bell with an abdominal strain. Perhaps this has something to do with him withdrawing from Team USA?

  6. Chalupa side, I actually think Bosh is a hard shell taco guy. I felt it neccessary to add this to the discussion for some odd reason because I have no life, apparently.

  7. Chris “The Chalupacabra” Bosh.

  8. Not gonna lie. Chris Bosh is one special dude. Easily the most likeable of the bit 3.

  9. I woulda gone to Jack in the box. Their curly fries are delicious and the stuffed jalapenos are awesome

  10. Aaron just won this round of the internet.

  11. His agent needs to be contacting Taco Bell right away. I can see the commercial already. He’s walking off the court after winning the championship and a reporter asks him “Now that you are a champion, where are you going go?” Bosh would respond with “I’m hungry. Going to get my chalupa on!”

  12. This guy is a regular Pink


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