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On today’s final OD of the season, The Jones break down the winners and losers of the 2012 NBA Draft: David Stern’s WWE moment, mom tattoos, surprise picks, bulging dicks, and Twitter spoiler alerts. We also look ahead to free agency by separating the realistic rumors (Odom-to-the-Clippers) from the impractical (Josh Smith-to-the-Lakers).

All that plus, Deron Williams’ birthday, the problem with instant replay, 2K13 cover stars, flying phobias, Pun-Gun fun, and Leigh’s final “Tweet of the Weak.” Single tear.

So give your eyes a rest, and embrace this audio explosion.


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  1. I’ve got my box of tissues ready… *presses play*

  2. “oh fuck that!” – skeets

    • The Score needs a “Like” button. I love Skeets instinctive “fuck bombs”.

      (I also love that “fuck” isn’t censored in those comments)


    that is all

  4. Bond ’08 was better.

  5. Thanks for all the lovely blogs and fixes and overdoses, guys. This was my first year reading/listening/watching to tbj and I’m glad I found the site.

    I’m looking forward to the occasional blank jones, which I hope will include Rounders Updates with Tas. I feel that now that the NBA Basketball season is over the Rounders are headed for a dramatic turnaround as Tas will be able to focus on what truly matters: Rounders Softball.

  6. I enjoy this show more than i enjoy basketball itself. Thank you.

  7. I can confirm that Raul Lopez was on the Spain localized cover of NBA Live one year. He was wearing that crazy Black and Copper Jazz uniform. I’ve never been prouder as a Jazz fan. I have the .bmp files on an old hard drive somewhere.

  8. Most importantly, what is the title of the music Matty O plays during the Rounders updates?

    • your name reminded me of trey’s nba food names-post and the ongoing hilarity in the comments :D I’m smiling now.
      thank you, Bake Muffin.

      ps also, James Worthers Originals Hard Candy. and lasagna diop. those were hilarious. back in the day.

  9. Hey, totally love the show, overdose and the fix, starting watching beginning of this season, will continue next year!

    Quickly though, give Leigh a break, feels like in all the overdoses he gets asked his opinion then gets totally shit all over….

  10. Good show, brow.

  11. ARCH RIVALS! my favorite game of all time.

  12. Hey great year you guys. All the best in the off-season. Don’t forget those book off pay-offs or whatever you guys call it. there’s apparently 2 to be done for each of you, so it’d be great to see them. the pay-off at the beginning of the season was pretty funny if I can remember correctly.


  13. What would his name be if he was a member of the Odd Future?

    Dion SKATER

  14. “They want a really white team” hahahahah
    It’s been epic reading your blogs, listening to your podcast and watching your videos. It’s been a good year. Till next year. Ciao~

  15. What is R. Kelly thinking every time he meets a young girl?

    That’s a girl I hope I can Pee-On Laters.

  16. what will i listen too next friday?!
    I’m so naarvous!!

    • I lol’ed…

      “Naarvous” has become part of my vocabulary, and no matter what the trolls say, I love Matt Osten !

  17. Now that he’s an NBA player, who’s his favorite groupie?

    She-on Waiters

  18. Love to see a blank jones on hockey

    • So the hockey coverage of TSN, CBC, The Star, The Globe, etc. etc. isn’t enough for you?

      Personally, the Jones is one of the places I go to get AWAY from all the incessant hockey talk.

  19. While the block/charge is a tough issue, my rule change would be easy to implement. Limit each team to one full timeout each half, and allow a couple of full media timeouts at certain intervals (first dead ball under 4 minutes) like in college ball to appease advertisers. The ability to move the ball to halfcourt after a timeout is a ridiculous advantage for the team that is trailing, and might promote less hero ball in endgame situations. This also would allow for some time to be given over to replay (replay timeouts sponsored by companies instead of going to a 20 second ad?) without losing the speed of a completed game Tas enjoys so much.

  20. If I had to change one thing it wouldn’t actually be a rule change. I know it’s been harped on before, but I would mandate that the baseline photographers & camera operators be moved another 5 or 6 feet back. The game keeps getting quicker and more athletic, risking the odds of a serious injury to either a player or member of the media. And it’s not like they can’t just zoom in a little more.

    And I know you guys meant it as a joke when you mentioned it, but I myself would like to see more ‘retrospective grades’ done for each draft 2-3 years down the road. The only time there is widespread, in-depth analysis of the draft is when the outcome is most ambiguous, and that’s too bad. Surely they’re in our consciousness enough that we’d still be interested in revisiting them, and it’s not like the media don’t have the space/time to fill. Plus, we’re missing out on some nice jokes about false expectations and incompetent franchises.

    • The problem with this is that either most NBA fans already know what kind of player the draftee is or the draftee is a scrub that got bumped out of the league after a handful of games, or never played at all, and the latter makes up the majority of the draft. In either case people don’t want to spend a lot of time listening or talking about it.

      • Well I’d rather talk about that than have to talk so much about the current draft every year, which is 90% comments like these:

        “This might be a good pick. It might not. We’ll have to wait a few years and see.”

        “This seems like a risky pick, but it might pay off down the road if he reaches his potential. We’ll have to wait a few years and see.”

  21. since this is the last official overdose of the season I feel inclined to comment on a development that’s become excessive over the last couple months: even though I love TBJ as a whole I gotta say I find it kind of lame that there’s an introduction and standardized explanation to every single little segment of the show. is that really necessary?
    I mean, don’t you think that “tweet of the weak” is kinda self-explanatory? do you have to remind anyone how to get in touch with the jones all the time? etc.
    I know why you do it… but do you really have to? if you ask me (which you didn’t) it takes away some of the anarchic charme that TBJ otherwise thrives in.
    having segments is one thing (and most are awesome, especially rounders update), but formalizing more and more parts of the show is something else.
    I enjoy sponteneity and chaos, it breeds creativity and it’s part of what sets the jones apart from boring, standardized nba-coverage.

    aside from that, you know I love you to death, looking forward to BLANK

    ps shout-outs are funny now but will probably start to suck in a couple of months. just sayin.

  22. PUN GUN

    What does he say when he directs a human pyramid out of a restaurant staff?

    “Alright everyone, maitre d’s on waiters.”

  23. Whenever Dion goes one-on-one with Jeremy Lamb, and scores, the play call should be:


    Just a thought. Also, thanks a lot for a great year, guys.

  24. I had to listen to this wonderful podcast over at the grantland network for the first time. All because your site wasnt avaiable today. The episode was great, but i wondered why the introduction and the outro werent included at grantland. They will never know the lovely voice of that young lady! “Thank you my friends!”

  25. you guys have to bring back the blank jones, those were awesome!

  26. What the fix on Tuesday about?

  27. You can hear Tas’ spirit getting crushed when the Rounder’s Update music goes on.

  28. What is his favourite element? Neon Waiters. What’s his favourite band? Kings of Leon Waiters. And in regards to the rule changes, I would really like to see the offensive goaltend scrapped. You should just be able to put the ball in the hoop, and it creates more controversy than there needs to be.

  29. Best way to stop flopping would be to have a committee review them and assign fouls to the player for each foul they drew that wasn’t actually a foul.

    They could either start the next game with that number of fouls, which would stop flopping pretty quick once somebody started a game with 3-4 fouls.

    Or, more likely, they could be added to their technical foul count and the suspension at 15.

  30. I like Skeets’ anti-charge agenda. No charges if the offensive player is taking a shot/making a pass. If a player lowers his shoulder and knocks a player over and then gathers and shoots, charge. If he goes up for a layup and the defender falls down, no charge. And also honor the “if a defender goes straight up and there’s contact, it’s not a foul” more than the refs do.

  31. Let’s not forget Mo Lucas and Mo Cheeks. Mo “Harkels” needs to stick with just Mo.

  32. I like the idea of eye in the sky, all instant replays should go that route & refs don’t have control of it. Too many blocks are already called, don’t get rid of charge, more no calls if anything. Also like idea of previous commenter of moving back cameras a few feet. I also don’t want beverages if you have courtside seats. Not a lot of spills but it takes too long when it happens & safety risk. I know I’m in the minority but I’d also like the court widened 6” to a foot so that its not so easy to step out of bounds when shooting corner three. NBA players have huge feet…

    Leigh pronounces Bulls a lot like drose does. Sounds almost like bowls. Shoutout to Leigh Ellis.

    What do they call the two newest servers at an Applebee’s ? Peon Waiters.

    If you ask a rich person to roll down their window & don’t have Grey Pupon, what would we call them? Dijon Haters.

    I’ve heard he and his friend are really good at shredding cheese, they are phenom graters.

  33. Leigh is due an infrequent rollicking as his breed can take it and dish it with equal temperence, but it was a witless castigation on the Avery Johnson point. Ellis’ claim was that Avery was invited by Deron presumably because he will be staying with the Nets. Not the other way around, as clumsily illustrated by Skeets in the money vs. party scenario.

  34. We were totally promised one last daily fix today…I remember it being said…or maybe i just dreamed it.

    Oh well…

  35. still saying “cool story, bro” is probably worse than referencing a MWP tweet

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