Here are a couple of random David Stern getting booed moments I pulled off the internet and stitched together, just so we can all appreciate how strong David Stern’s troll game was last night. If you didn’t think he made the heel turn during the lockout, this should pretty much seal the deal.

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  1. New jersey fans are all trolls

  2. That was great. Nothing pisses off a bunch of dipshits like enjoying their disapproval.

  3. “With the 31st pick in the 2012 NBA Draft, I, David Stern, select Yucanall Blomy from the University of Shuvit.”

  4. Move the draft.

  5. This was as much about the crowd booing the Heat as it was them booing Stern. Bad post.

  6. love the boo’s

  7. “thank you for that warm welcome” haha cracked me up

    ppl shut finally acknowledge his work. somehow he gets to manage to have the nba super-attractive, yet he still is a cold-blooded asshole who sucks at his job.

  8. “basketball reasons”

  9. Okay, okay, now let’s keep cold heads about this.

    David Stern is the best commissioner in sports.
    David Stern is an asshole.

    That being said, doing the draft in Newark whille it’s the last time this city lives anythinge NBA related for a while is a dick move. (I mean : could you imagine a draft in Seattle the year they moved ?)

  10. Duh, he’s the Vince McMahon of the NBA. It seems like he used to care what people thought of him, early in his run as commissioner. Recently, maybe 2000′s to now, he’s embraced the bad guy role.

  11. Oops, didn’t click the link. Lol, for a minute there I thought you guys passed that oppurtunity up.

  12. I was saying Boo-urns!

  13. Stern always wins!

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