Hey, if this kid can be excited for the selection of something called Ilkan Karaman, then he’s going to be a fan for life. He’ll be a Nets fan even if Deron Williams is a Maverick and he has to cheer for Johan Petro. This kid is hooked.

Just look at his face.

Sorry, Fat Nets Fan. You’ve been usurped.

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  1. Plant. Kids a plant, a ringer–definitely a plant.

  2. The Draft kid, Fat Nets fan, and the Sasha Vujacic kid http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YTyReubo_FY&feature=player_embedded are all vying for the top spot of Nets fan. Draft kid is leading.

  3. Cant blv u guys just knocked fat nets fan off for this kid.
    I feel like I don’t even know u anymore.
    FNF is everything that is sacred about sports.

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