Theoretically, the introductory press conference for a traded player should be a joyous moment. The team is stoked to have acquired the player, having turned the page on their past and seeking to get better. The player is getting a chance to start over, to remake himself on his new team. The fans can enjoy their favorite team making a move before anything bad can happen. It should be great.

But if you’re Ben Gordon, apparently, you’re not happy. At least judging by these five pictures, which are the only ones available in the extensive Getty Images database. He’s not all those Clippers being traded to the Hornets, but he’s also not Johnny Smiles O’Face. But look at this guy, not getting super smiley about being a Bobcat, despite the fact Charlotte has won three more games than Detroit since Gordon left the Bulls because Detroit was a situation “where winning is the number one priority.” You’d think he’d be pumped to go to a team that wins more, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Wonder if it has to do with those seven wins last season.

Whatever the case, let’s look at this face and try to figure out what is running through Ben Gordon’s head.

“OK, I’m a Bobcat. I am a Charlotte Bobcat. I now play for the Charlotte Bobcats. I am seriously a member of the Charlotte Bobcats who won 10 percent of their games last year, even though I was on the Bulls four seasons ago and they have won so many games since I left. I’m sure that has nothing to do with it, but I am definitely a Bobcat.”

” Am I happy to be Bobcat? Good question. I am happy to not be a Piston, but being happy to be a Bobcat is a whole different story.”

“The jerseys really just say CATS? That’s kind of funny. I like cats.”

“Nope. Not smiling.”