Jason Terry

I guess we can write the postscript for The Ray Allen Era in Boston, now that Marc Spears has reported that the Celtics have signed  Jason Terry to a three-year contract at the mid-level exception of $5 million per season. The Jet is two years younger than Ray Allen and while he isn’t on Ray’s level as a shooter (who is?), he’ll likely be the more productive option as a sixth man going forward. Avery Bradley will probably inhabit the starting two-guard spot when he recovers from shoulder surgery, leaving Terry to provide scoring punch off the bench in the role in which he excelled for his last five seasons in Dallas.

I’m obviously joshing with the “youth movement” remark in the title, but what this does signal is that the Celtics intend on trying to keep that championship window jammed open for at least a couple more seasons. As for Ray Allen, most Celtics fans will surely be sad to see him go — although we can’t entirely rule out the possibility that he’ll return to the Celtics in a reduced role — but his services will be in demand among teams that consider themselves contenders next season. Cases in point: Ray is scheduled to meet with the Heat on Thursday and the Clippers on Friday. On the small chance that he decides to retire, he won’t be hurting for money since he’s also “The World Leader in Professional K-9 Equipment”. (Note: May be a different Ray Allen.)

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  1. So I take it you think Doc Rivers and Danny Ainge are lying?

    Doc on Allen: “He lives in Boston and loves it in Boston. Ray will look around, but we will be there at the end. I’m hopeful he will re-sign.”

    Ainge on Allen: “”We want Ray back in the worst way. I think Ray knows we’re interested in him. I don’t know (about the competition) but he very well could (have competition). But we really want Ray back.”

    • There’s definitely a possibility Ray Allen will return, but it doesn’t make a lot of sense unless they anticipate that Avery Bradley’s rehab will continue into the season. How much playing time would Ray get behind Rondo, Bradley and Jet? Is he willing to take less money and settle on being a fourth guard? I guess we’ll see.

    • I hope Boston can still keep Allen. But even with out him, the Celtics will be just fine. I’m more concerted about Dallas, with Terry gone, what if they can’t get D-Will or Nash either? Sucks for Dirk.

  2. Soooo…is there a daily show today, or am I just wasting my time checking every hour??

  3. “Doggles”. Learn something new every day.

  4. Soooo what is Dallas going to do this offseason?

    • Cry. Wonder why nobody likes them. Start digging up D-league scouting reports. Try to keep Dirk off the sauce.

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