Way back in 2008, Pau Gasol was traded from the Memphis Grizzlies to the Los Angeles Lakers, which was notable both for its on-court implications (the Lakers gained a talented big man that helped lead them to three straight Finals appearances and two titles, while giving up what was considered nothing at the time) and its off-court uniqueness (two brothers getting traded for each other, haha). That was the first time in NBA history two brothers had been traded for each other and it got a lot of people talking, especially around the Gasol dinner table, where Marc was eating helping after helping of paella.

And while that transaction will probably never be topped as far as intra-family drama goes, let’s try this Houston Rockets situation on for size. First, there’s this nugg, from the Houston Chronicle:

The Rockets will also bring Zoran Dragic, the brother of point guard Goran Dragic, to Las Vegas, according to the individual with knowledge of the Rockets plans. Temple’s Dionte Christmas, Ariziona’s Kyle Fogg, Clemson’s Jerai Grant and Detroit’s Eli Holman will also be a part of the team.

No bigs, right? Teams often bring in relatives to their summer league team as a favor to their players. It’s happening with the Knicks and J.R. Smith’s brother this summer and the funniest instance ever was when Daniel Artest, then-Ron’s brother, got a spot on the Kings’ summer league squad despite the fact he was a 300 pound guard. Anything to keep your players happy, I guess.

Except this plan kind of falls apart when your player probably won’t sign with your team. From ESPN:

The Houston Rockets are pessimistic about their chances of re-signing point guard Goran Dragic with the sides far apart in negotiations, according to sources close to the process.

But Dragic left town without a deal, sources said, leading one source close to the process to say that the lefty’s expected return to the Rockets is “not going to happen.”

Awk-berg. And unfort-berg. Not only will things be super weird for Zoran Dragic (the twin named after the masked hero, not the Mortal Kombat villain) as he has to act like everything is cool while his genetic equivalent is upset about the team low-balling him, us fans are also deprived of the possibility of a Goran and Zoran backcourt which would get so many reblogs. It’s a lose-lose all around, unless the Rockets try to pull a switcheroo and sign Zoran and then act like he’s Goran. If that happens, this immediately takes a hard left turn in to Awesomeville.

As it stands now, I imagine a whole bunch of telephone for Zoran Dragic. The Rockets are going to be all nonchalant like, “Soooooo, how’s Goran doing…?” while Goran waits for Zoran to get back from games to get the inside info on what’s going on with the Rockets. It’s a real child caught betwixt two divorced parents situation and those are never fun.

(via SLAM)