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Well, I’ll be damned. The Nets actually pulled it off. Sure, we all laughed at them when they traded this year’s first round pick (which turned into Damian Lillard) to the Blazers for Gerald Wallace because most of us probably assumed Deron Williams would leave and they’d have to convince Brooklyn fans to get excited about a team with no stars and MarShon Brooks in the starting lineup. But after they re-signed Wallace and traded a bunch of expiring contracts and a future draft pick to the Hawks for Joe Johnson, they convinced Williams to re-sign with them for the max — which works out to around five years and $98.75 million.

It’s impossible to know how the Dwight Howard saga is going to play out, but if they go into their first season in Brooklyn with a starting lineup of Williams, Johnson, Wallace, Kris Humphries and Brook Lopez, that’s a pretty damn good starting five. Adrian Wojnarowski tweeted earlier tonight that the Nets will try to re-sign Humphries if they can’t make a Howard deal happen this off-season.

Let’s give full credit to Nets GM Billy King for rapidly turning what could have been an unmitigated disaster into the most compelling success story of the 2012 NBA off-season. The Nets certainly aren’t championship contenders now, but they’re probably a playoff team if they can have some luck in the health department and if King manages to fill out their roster with serviceable NBA players. Somewhere, Russian billionaire owner Mikhail Prokhorov is laughing his butt off while he’s surrounded by supermodels and miniature giraffes.

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  1. Couldn’t be happier. As a Nets fan, we’ve had our ups (making the Finals) and our downs (Winning 12 games), but this is a massive turn around. Looking like a contender for next year.

  2. D-WILL bring pro ball back to BROOOOOOOOOKLYYYYYYYN!!!

  3. Doesn’t change the fact that Billy King is a moron.

    So what…Dwill chooses to go where he gets the MOST MONEY…is that some type of genius and/or visionary move by King? No.

    In fact, BECAUSE King decided to trade their 6th pick for a 2 month rental of Gerald Wallace (a rental where the team was complete garbage and added no significance to their win total because he was hurt about half the time)…he did not have that asset to throw in to an offer for Dwight. Unless we are arguing Lopez+Brooks > Lopez+Brooks+6th Pick?

    And before anybody decides to argue, but they resigned Gerald Wallace, so it works out in the end…NO! The fact that the Nets signed Wallace to a 4yr $40mil as a FA just shows they could have kept their 6th pick, AND still got Wallace right now.

    And finally, ATL was DESPERATE to move JJ’s contract. Nets took on his deal with all expiring contracts, so ATL would have been happy, but the Nets threw in a 1stRounder as well? WTF?!?!

    Then to top it off, Billy King killed the ONLY competitive advantage the Nets had over all the other teams in the Dwight sweepstakes…the CAP SPACE TO TAKE ON HEDO’S CONTRACT (or JRich’s contract as was reported ORL wanted to move with Dwight). HOU, LAL, GSW, no other team could afford to do that, but Nets could, and now they can’t with JJ’s contract.

    • I think your harsh judgement is a tad premature until we see how the Dwight situation plays out. As we all know, Brooklyn remains his preferred destination so even if he doesn’t get traded there this season, that doesn’t mean he won’t end up there next season. You’re acting like the the Nets would have been able to trade for Dwight if they had held on to that draft pick, and you can’t know that with any certainty.

      • I never said it was a lock they would get Dwight, all I’m saying is…

        Lopez+Brooks+6th Pick gives you a BETTER shot than just than Lopez+Brooks.

        And nobody can argue otherwise.

        Next year…Dwill, JJ, Wallace, and presumably Lopez will all be in their first year of their multi-year contracts (except for JJ who has 4 left anyway).

        Could they still get Dwight next year…sure. But then they’re banking on Lopez to breakout and become the 2nd or 3rd best center in the league, brooks goes off, and ORL still wanting Wallace…in other words, very slim.

        Unless you were referring to the Nets signing Dwight straight up as a FA, and in that case, I’m not even to go into the numbers to make the argument why that’s not happening.

        But short of those…absolutely the Nets could still land Dwight.

  4. D12 is gonna land in LA. Too bad for you Tristan

  5. I’m sorry – and it’s not only here on tbj – but I think it’s very sad that every time I read something about the Nets, sooner or later there’s an inappropriate comment on Prokhorov and his life style etc. I think that’s gotten fairly annoying and as soons as his nationality come sinto play I think it’s sad as well that it seem’s unpossible for so many writers to refrain from that nonsense.

    That of course is if the post is supposed to make sense. I’m okay with anyone (Trey!) to make a spoof – also on Prokhorov, but to always read those hints in informative pieces.

  6. You mean miniature giraffes on Jet-Skis

  7. It’s a good starting five sure. possibly make some noise if they gel well. but they did overpay gerald wallace where there was no market driving up his price…

  8. so Leigh was actually right, how about that… birthad invitation for little general was key

  9. Excellent Directv ad reference. One of my favorites.

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