Haha, suck it San Antonio Spurs. YOUR mascot is the one who made the big farts in the Suns’ bathroom. How did he get in there? Who cares, because it’s The Coyote who made the stinkies and not The Gorilla.

Totally got you, Spurs. Another resounding victory for the Suns in this totally-not-lopsided rivalry.

(via Dan Devine)

Comments (4)

  1. Did the phoenix suns just implied their shit doesn’t stink?

  2. Yes the spurs always triumph over the suns, cheating refs and tanking for the best Pf ever don’t factor in much.

  3. The coyote looks a little like Bruce Bowen.

    Which makes me want to punch it.

  4. Looks suspiciously like this one that the Boston Bruins ran a few seasons ago….


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