Only in America could a Russian billionaire buy a professional basketball team with one of the world’s most famous rappers, move the team to another state, then convince a Texas-raised point guard that $98.75 million is worth more than playing for his hometown team. As such, TBJ is taking today off to celebrate the United States’ independence. After all, if we did it for Canada, we have to do it for the USA.

Regularly scheduled blogging returns tomorrow. Be safe. Don’t explode yourself.

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  1. Trey! When did you make Team USA? You’re the only one prepared with a tray in that picture.

    Tray Kirby?

  2. Are you guys going to take off Australia Day next year also? Unlike this year… I’m sure Leigh Ellis would be dissapointed if you didnt…

    Then you should also consider:
    Bastille Day – France
    German Unity Day – Germany
    Dia da Independência – Brazil
    Grito de Dolores – Mexico
    Fiesta Nacional de España – Spain

    But most importantly… Dita e Pavarësisë – Albania.

  3. So… I may have missed something, but wasn’t there supposed to be a fix yesterday? What happened?

  4. Dude lol you can’t take off canadian holidays and still try to claim american holidays as your own you fraud.

  5. Brad Miller sighting! So cool.

  6. I hear they take a full week for flag day.

  7. Will you take a day off for the german national holiday? Its octobrer 3rd!

  8. you lazy bastards….

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