This NBA offseason is already super weird. Joe Johnson’s untradeable contract was traded, Steve Nash became a Laker out of nowhere and now Jason Kidd is going to be a Knick, even though he was a coarse grey hair away from staying with the Dallas Mavericks.

From ESPN:

In an unforeseen reversal, Jason Kidd has decided to leave the Dallas Mavericks to join the New York Knicks, according to sources familiar with the decision.

With the Mavericks confident that they were closing in Thursday on a verbal agreement on a three-year deal with Kidd worth $9 million, sources told that Kidd — after all-day deliberations with both teams — has decided instead to leave Dallas to join the Knicks for a similar deal.

Just a fun little “Jason Kidd is super old” fact for you: He was alive the last time the Knicks won an NBA title, way back in 1973. At the very least, the Knicks just got someone who can tell all those youngsters about New York’s glory days.

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  1. That Kidd/ Frazier combo was sweet back in the day.

  2. I’m surprised Kidd would go back to MSG. I heard he’s still pissed they tore down the original Penn Station. Considers it a “Beaux Arts masterpiece.”

  3. Speaking of old men, is Steve Nash going to hold the record for “highest salary at age 40″? By his contract size, he will make around 9 million at 40. I can’t think of another player who got that much money at that age.

    • I did some research for you. Yes, if Nash plays out the entire contract he would be the highest played player ever at 40. The closest I found was John Stockton who made $7M at 40 and $7.875M at 41. Why did I do this?

      A) I’m a basketball nerd
      B) I had nothing better to do
      C) I wanted to know myself

      I did this by looking up players over 40 on wikipedia, then searched each players salaries on basketball reference, so this is assuming their numbers were correct.

      • Dang, KG’s deal will only take him through 39. If his deal is straight-lined he’ll be making $11.3 mil.

      • Also, to do this right we’d need to use inflation adjusted numbers.

        Using GDP deflators from the US Bureau of Economic Analysis, Stockton’s $7.875 M in 2003 equals $9.7 M in March 2012 dollars.

        If we assume 2% annual inflation going forward, Nash’s $9 M in 2015 equals $8.5 M in 2012 dollars.

        Thus, in terms of purchasing power, Stockton was paid more.

        • Ha…Norb, you are my kind of numbers guy…Well done!

          • Thanks guys, and I have to mention that Nash would’ve comfortably held that record if he went with the raptors. Guessing winning games was kinda important to him. I still don’t think he will win a championship with the Lakers but he is closer than he has ever been. (Now if Howard joins…)

          • Awesome numbers breakdown, however I think nash wins because of his endorsement deals which will skyrocket even higher now.

      • What about if the dollar amount is then put into Canadian money and spent on the Canadian national team and lots of novelty toys?
        Surely this muddies the waters.

  4. okay, but if you consider NBA mileage in terms of minutes played Garnett is 45 by the time he’s 39.

    • I think kg is fresher because his team in minnesota didn’t make as many deep runs in the playoffs as purple would like to believe

  5. If you count mental mileage in terms of crazy achieved Ron Artest is like 60.

    I get your point, but it hardly matters when deciding who the highest paid player at the age of 40 is.

  6. Wow, how much must Cuban be regretting letting Tyson ‘the Capeman’ Chandler go. Last season was supposed to the the rebuilding year before DWill came and they were back in the mix. DWill’s out, Terry’s left and now Kidd – poor Dirk; the Dirk and Marion show is going to look a little lonely next year.

  7. Brandon Roy in Minnesota and Ray Allen in Miami ! Sorry but there is no topics about this

  8. Trey why do you love to hate us Knicks fans? It breaks my heart.

  9. wow the comment section is 10 times more interesting than the actual blog..

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