This NBA offseason is already super weird. Joe Johnson’s untradeable contract was traded, Steve Nash became a Laker out of nowhere and now Jason Kidd is going to be a Knick, even though he was a coarse grey hair away from staying with the Dallas Mavericks.

From ESPN:

In an unforeseen reversal, Jason Kidd has decided to leave the Dallas Mavericks to join the New York Knicks, according to sources familiar with the decision.

With the Mavericks confident that they were closing in Thursday on a verbal agreement on a three-year deal with Kidd worth $9 million, sources told that Kidd — after all-day deliberations with both teams — has decided instead to leave Dallas to join the Knicks for a similar deal.

Just a fun little “Jason Kidd is super old” fact for you: He was alive the last time the Knicks won an NBA title, way back in 1973. At the very least, the Knicks just got someone who can tell all those youngsters about New York’s glory days.