Deron Williams is going to be a Net again, this time in Brooklyn, thanks to a lot of money and the team’s willingness to trade everything valuable that they have to put players around him and keep him happy. It’s going to cost the Nets a fortune to keep Williams’ messed up fade in black and white, and it’s going to keep being expensive for a long, long time.

However, Williams’ decision to stay is already paying for itself, at least if Brett Yormark, the team’s CEO, is to believed. According to him, Williams’ tweeting of the Nets logo as his confirmation that he was staying made the team a nice chunk of change. From the New York Daily News:

Barclays Center sold roughly 500 new season tickets on Tuesday, turning in a one-day, seven-figure haul, according to Brett Yormark, the CEO of Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment.

It’s the best day Yormark could remember in his seven years with the Nets, and perhaps record-breaking. It came on the day Williams decided to return and a day after the Nets secured six-time All-Star Joe Johnson in a trade that won’t be official until July 11.

For years, people wondered how Twitter was going to make money. Would it just be through promoted tweets? Selling off user information to become a huge advertising database like Google? Would they charge for premium features of their surface? There are a lot of different options, but it turns out all they need to do is find out a way to monetize Deron Williams’ feed. I mean, if one of his tweets can sell 500 season tickets and make the Nets a million bucks, there has to be some sort of potential for Twitter to make some serious cash.

And hey, if the Nets can figure out a way for Deron to tweet something this important every day, trading for Joe Johnson’s gigantic contract won’t even be that big of a deal. Based on Yormark’s figures, it’d only take another 89 Deron Williams tweets to pay that thing off. Sure, that would also mean they sold another 44,000 season tickets, which is 2.5 times as many seats are available at the Barclay Center without including the current season ticket holders, but it’s probably worth it. Anything to pay that thing off.

(via SLAM)